Marcos António Portugal: Choral Music

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Catalogue No: TOCC0238
EAN/UPC: 5060113442383
Release Date: 2014-07-13
Composer: Marcos António Portugal
Artists: Ensemble Turicum, Luiz Alves da Silva, Mathias Weibel

The Portuguese-Brazilian composer Marcos António Portugal (1762-1830) was best known in his day for his fifty or so operas, but he also composed a huge body of more than 160 religious choral works. The two here — in their first performances in modern times — illustrate his conservative Classical style as well as the operatic influences on his sacred music, but the absence of female voices from the chorus and violins from the orchestra bring an unexpectedly dark colour.

Ensemble Turicum, ensemble
Mathias Weibel, director
Luiz Alves da Silva, director

Listen To This Recording:

    Vésperas de Nossa Senhora in C major, P02.31, P02.24 (c. 1824)

  1. I Sonata in G major
  2. II Psalm 109: Dixit Dominus
  3. III Psalm 112: Laudate pueri
  4. IV Minuette in E flat major
  5. V Psalm 121: Laetatus sum
  6. VI Psalm 126: Nisi Dominus
  7. VII Psalm 147: Lauda Jerusalem
  8. VIII Fantasia in E flat major
  9. IX Magnificat: Canticum beatae Mariae Virginis
  10. Missa a quatro in F major, P01.13 (c. 1804)

  11. I Sinfonia (from Artaserse) in D major
  12. II Kyrie
  13. III Gloria
  14. IV Laudamus te
  15. V Gratias
  16. VI Domine Deus
  17. VII Qui tollis
  18. VIII Qui sedes
  19. IX Quoniam
  20. X Cum Sancto Spiritu


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