John Pickard: Chamber Music

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Catalogue No: TOCC0150
EAN/UPC: 5060113441508
Release Date: 2012-08-27
Composer: John Pickard
Artists: Ian Mitchell, Matthew Rickard, Rupert Marshall-Luck, Sophie Harris

Reviews of music by the English composer John Pickard (b. 1963) have stated that 'he has the technique and the temperament to emerge as one of the great symphonists of the 21st century', even that 'his place among the greats is secure'. This conspectus of his chamber music traces the evolution of his style over two decades, from the Piano Trio of 1990 to Snowbound of 2010, revealing a powerful rhythmic drive, a feeling for toughly argued drama and a poetic sensitivity to atmosphere among its most prominent characteristics.

Rupert Marshall-Luck, violin, viola
Sophie Harris, cello
Ian Mitchell, bass clarinet
Matthew Rickard, piano

4 reviews for John Pickard: Chamber Music

  1. :

    ‘…The playing is magnificent, leading me to ponder what a deep layer of talent there is on the musical scene. For example, and only an example, why pay top dollar to listen to Yo Yo Ma when Sophie Harris is on our own doorstep? …Likewise Michael Ponder, the producer-engineer of this Toccata issue, has achieved recording quality equal to, and maybe better than, most of the major companies: very present and dynamic with a nice space around the performers.’

    —Dave Billinge, MusicWeb International

  2. :

    ‘Want List for David DeBoor Canfield [2013]

    There were at least 20 strong contenders [for the want list of the year], and in the final analysis, I went once again by the “wow factor”—that certain something in the music and performances that made them especially memorable (in a positive sense, of course—there were a few that were quite memorable, even though I’d love to be able to completely forget them).’

    —David DeBoor Canfield, Fanfare Magazine November/December 2013

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    I find the Chaconne for Solo Viola, for example, to be quite expressive, not least for its beautifully shaped performance by Marshall-Luck. […]

    the two players […] Sophie Harris and bass clarinetist Ian Mitchell—fully measure up to their companions, Rupert Marshall-Luck and Matthew Rickard, on this Toccata CD. Recommended all around for some extraordinarily beautiful music and extraordinarily beautiful playing.’

    —Jerry Dubins, Fanfare magazine July/August 2013

  4. :

    ‘This CD is a winner all around: The performances are first-rate, and violinist Rupert Marshall-Luck does double duty equally convincingly on the viola in the Chaconne. Recorded sound is clear and musical, and presents both the music and the performances in the best possible light. I
    view John Pickard as an important composer of our time. His is an individual voice, and his music is both approachable and rewarding, demanding repeated listening. This is simply a compact disc not to be missed. I hope Toccata Classics will sell enough copies that another volume of Pickard’s music will be soon forthcoming, and that our esteemed editor will send it my way for review.’

    —David DeBoor Canfield, Fanfare Magazine July/August 2013

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