Orlando Jacinto García: Orchestral Music, Volume Two

Born in Havana in 1954, the Miami-based Orlando Jacinto García studied with Morton Feldman and has inherited some of Feldman’s concerns: his music likewise evolves gradually over slow-moving spans of time – here and there with an echo of West Coast minimalism. Like the still surface of the sea, the works on this album (three of them concertante pieces for virtuoso soloists) mirror the unhurried movement of natural phenomena, often in textures of considerable delicacy – and occasionally hinting at larger forces behind the apparent stasis.

Jennifer Choi, violin (track 1)
Cristina Valdés, piano (track 2)
Fernando Domínguez, clarinet (track 3)
Málaga Philharmonic Orchestra
Orlando Jacinto García, conductor

Listen To This Recording:

  1. a rising tide (2014)
  2. from darkness to luminosity (2015)
  3. the distant wind II (2013)
  4. of wind, sea and light (2016)



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