Rob Keeley: Orchestral Music

The music of Rob Keeley – born in south Wales in 1960 but immersed in London musical life since boyhood – embraces a wide range of influences. Stravinsky’s angular melodies and Tippett’s buoyant rhythms can be heard in the spiky but bucolic Second Symphony. Keeley readily confesses to an allegiance to Gallic Neo-Classicism in his Flute Concerto and, more surprisingly, reveals a taste for Telemann as the inspiration behind his Triple Concerto, with the ‘Enigma’ Variations of ‘my beloved Elgar’ acting as a model for Keeley’s own recent set of orchestral variations. Among the factors unifying these eclectic stimuli into an individual musical language are a concern for textural clarity and lightness of touch, a fondness for dance and a hint of good humour.

Sarah Desbruslais, flute (Tracks 5 – 6)
James Turnbull, oboe (Tracks 7 – 9)
Michael Sluman, oboe (Tracks 7 – 9)
Patrick Flanaghan, cor anglais (Tracks 7 – 9)
Málaga Philharmonic Orchestra (Tracks 1 – 9)
Liepāja Symphony Orchestra (Tracks 10 – 24)
Paul Mann, conductor


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    Symphony No. 2 (1996)

  1. I Allegro molto
  2. II Scherzo: Allegro con brio
  3. III Adagio molto
  4. IV Allegro molto
  5. Flute Concerto (2017)

  6. I Andantino
  7. II Adagio – Allegro molto
  8. Triple Concerto for two oboes, cor anglais and strings (2014)

  9. I Allegro molto
  10. II Scherzo: Presto
  11. III Andante con moto, misurato – Andante, quasi una sarabanda – Presto
  12. Variations for Orchestra (2019)

  13. Theme: Andante moderato
  14. Variation 1: Allegro
  15. Variation 2: Stesso tempo
  16. Variation 3: Lo stesso tempo
  17. Variation 4: Meno mosso
  18. Variation 5: Allegro
  19. Variation 6: crotchet = 144
  20. Variation 7: Slower
  21. Variation 8: Allegro vivace
  22. Variation 9: Allegro
  23. Variation 10: Andantino
  24. Variation 11: Vivace
  25. Variation 12: Adagio
  26. Variation 13: Presto
  27. Passacaglia-Finale

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  1. :

    ‘If anyone suggests that the symphony is an outdated form, just recommend to them this splendid well-constructed and thought-out example. [Symphony No.2] […]

    I was impressed by the performances of all four works. The Málaga Philharmonic Orchestra, the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra and the soloists, directed by Paul Mann, are all top of the form. The recording by the Toccata engineers is ideal. ‘

    —John France, MusicWeb International

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