Niklas Sivelöv: Piano Music

Niklas Sivelöv: Piano Music

The tradition of the pianist-composer features some of the best-known names in music, among them Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms and Rachmaninov. Now the Swedish pianist Niklas Sivelöv (born in Stockholm in 1968) humbly joins their ranks, with music coloured by a range of influences, from Bach to jazz. This recording presents some of his early compositions and some of his most recent.

Niklas Sivelöv, piano

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Catalogue No: TOCC0271
EAN/UPC: 5060113442710
Release Date: 02.10.2015
Composer: Niklas Sivelöv
Artists: Niklas Sivelöv

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  1. 24 Preludes: No. 1: Allegro con brio
  2. 24 Preludes: No. 2: Andante fugato
  3. 24 Preludes: No. 3: Moderato con moto
  4. 24 Preludes: No. 4: Vivace
  5. 24 Preludes: No. 5: Adagio con dolore
  6. 24 Preludes: No. 6: Scherzando
  7. 24 Preludes: No. 7: Quasi Marcia
  8. 24 Preludes: No. 8: Andante
  9. 24 Preludes: No. 9: Allegro di molto
  10. 24 Preludes: No. 10: Adagio mesto – attacca
  11. 24 Preludes: No. 11: Andante
  12. 24 Preludes: No. 12: Allegro misterioso
  13. 24 Preludes: No. 13: Allegretto dolce
  14. 24 Preludes: No. 14: Allegro
  15. 24 Preludes: No. 15: Ben colorato
  16. 24 Preludes: No. 16: Vivace – attacca
  17. 24 Preludes: No. 17: Moderato con anima
  18. 24 Preludes: No. 18: Con spririto
  19. 24 Preludes: No. 19: Allegro molto, ’Fanfare’
  20. 24 Preludes: No. 20: Andante maestoso
  21. 24 Preludes: No. 21: Allegretto
  22. 24 Preludes: No. 22: Lento triste
  23. 24 Preludes: No. 23: Allegro molto
  24. 24 Preludes: No. 24: Allegro con brio
  25. Due Notturni: No. 1
  26. Due Notturni: No. 2
  27. Toccatina Feroce
  28. Two Impromptus: No. 1
  29. Two Impromptus: No. 2
  30. Jeux de Cordes

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    “His broad performing repertoire, from Bach to living composers, is reflected in his music for solo piano. This is not to say that Sivelöv does not write with original flair and energy, but it is probably most useful to consider this material as homage. The very choice of a set of 24 preludes is a strong nod towards Chopin and Bach, among others, and the ghosts of both of those giants appear in this music. The strongest flavor here is 20th-century Modernism, in the manner of Prokofiev or Hindemith, material that itself is often in a Neoclassical style. As a generalization, Sivelöv sounds like both a performer and composer who works in a joyous and even humorous way. This is heard in fast, loud music and a tendency to run up and down the keyboard. Some of the music is even a bit bangy, but in a fun way. One of the preludes is described in the composer’s notes as having no key signature, and he directs the pianist to use the forearms to create clusters of notes. …
    He returns to a kind of Lisztian bravura in the Toccatina Feroce and finds entrancing sonorities in the Jeux de Cordes, which is played standing up so that the pianist can strike the strings of the piano by hand with a mallet. … It is a fittingly interesting and enjoyable way to conclude a delightful recital by this talented young artist.” —Fanfare Magazine, March/April 2016

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