Nigel Clarke: Music for Symphonic Wind Orchestra

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A Richer Dust, the epic First Symphony of the English composer Nigel Clarke (b. 1960), explores what it means to live with violence and extremism, the constant companions of human history. The work intertwines words by Malene Sheppard Skærved with Clarke’s music, weaving together ideas and images in fragments of text from both historically significant figures and voiceless, ordinary people. The dark and powerful atmosphere of the Symphony is prefaced by the bright and sassy sound of Clarke’s Magritte-inspired Mysteries of the Horizon, a concerto for cornet and wind orchestra.

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    Mysteries of the Horizon: Concerto for Cornet and Wind Orchestra (2012)

  1. I The Menaced Assassin
  2. II The Dominion of Light
  3. III The Flavour of Tears
  4. IV The Discovery of Fire
  5. Symphony No. 1, A Richer Dust, for Speaker and Wind Orchestra (2014) Text by Malene Sheppard Skærved

  6. I Still We Drudge in this Dark Maze
  7. II Living Picture of the Dead
  8. III Other Flowers Rise
  9. IV The Larks, Still Bravely Singing


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