Milan Dvořák: Complete Jazz Piano Etudes

The Jazz Piano Études of the Czech composer Milan Dvořák (b. 1934) developed from transcriptions of popular songs in the early 1960s and soon found an identity of their own. Dvořák’s aim was two-fold: to keep the music within the range of amateur jazz pianists and yet maintain the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic interest of each piece. Small wonder that these sprightly miniatures have been taken up the world around; surprisingly, this is their first recording.

Milan Franěk, piano


Catalogue No: TOCC0319
EAN/UPC: 5060113443199
Release Date: 06.11.2015
Composer: Milan Dvořák
Artists: Milan Franěk

Listen To This Recording:

    Volume One:

  1. No. 1 Allegro
  2. No. 2 Allegro
  3. No. 3 Allegro
  4. No. 4 Medium
  5. No. 5 Allegretto
  6. No. 6 Medium tempo
  7. No. 7 Allegro
  8. No. 8 Vivo
  9. No. 9 Vivace
  10. No. 10 Moderato
  11. No. 11 Medium boogie tempo
  12. No. 12 Zive
  13. No. 13 Cha-cha moderato tempo
  14. No. 14 Allegro
  15. No. 15 Fast
  16. No. 16 Allegretto
  17. No. 17 Swingy
  18. No. 18 Rubato
  19. No. 19 Slowly
  20. No. 20 Fast
  21. No. 21 Medium
  22. No. 22 Medium slow
  23. No. 23 Moderato
  24. No. 24 Medium tempo
  25. No. 25 Moderato
  26. Volume Two:

  27. No. 1 Medium tempo
  28. No. 2 Presto
  29. No. 3 Moderato
  30. No. 4 Con moto
  31. No. 5 Sostenuto
  32. No. 6 Medium bossanova
  33. No. 7 Allegro
  34. No. 8 Moderato
  35. No. 9 No tempo indication
  36. No. 10 Allegro
  37. No. 11 Vivo
  38. No. 12 Slowly with beat
  39. No. 13 Allegro
  40. No. 14 Blues
  41. No. 15 Con moto
  42. No. 16 Medium tempo
  43. No. 17 Allegro
  44. No. 18 Medium tempo
  45. No. 19 Swingy
  46. No. 20 Medium tempo

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  1. :

    “The first transcriptions were published in 1963 to general acclaim and by 1971 the composer was able to unveil the first series of jazz piano etudes with great success. The second series was born in 1985, and again they were welcomed with huge enthusiasm. This latter set offer a much broader variety of styles and genres, extending also to rock and pop apart from jazz. Dvořák’s intentions were always to allow these miniatures to be played by pianists who only occasionally perform jazz music, and even more, for interpreters to appreciate their melody, harmonic structure and rhythmic elements. … I found these little miniatures truly great fun, and if you are in the right mood, they do uplift the spirit with their warmth and swagger. Dvořák’s compatriot Milan Franěk gives wonderfully lighthearted interpretations full of zestfully swinging sounds that highlight the composer’s penchant for creating music that is appealing to all kinds of tastes. Highly enjoyable stuff that should entertain both jazz andclassical music lovers alike in first rate sound and presentation.” —Music and Vision, January 2016

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