Krzysztof Meyer: Complete Works for Cello and Piano

Catalogue No: TOCC0098
EAN/UPC: 5060113440983
Release Date: 2009-07-06
Composer: Krzysztof Meyer
Artists: Emma Abbate, Evva Mizerska, Katarzyna Glensk

Krzysztof Meyer, born in Kraków in 1943 and a student of Penderecki, Lutosławski and Nadia Boulanger, is one of the leading Polish composers of the day. His music marries a powerful sense of drama with a long-breathed lyricism in a largely tonal framework, placing him downstream from Shostakovich, who was a friend and supporter of the young composer. Of his two cello sonatas (1983 and 2004) and Canzona (1981), Meyer writes, 'I wanted the melody to be predominant — not a post-Romantic cantilena but absolutely contemporary. And the cello, like no other instrument, is perfect for that'.

Evva Mizerska, cello
Emma Abbate, piano
Katarzyna Glensk, piano

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    ‘These three pieces are all strong and well worked out and will give much satisfaction, especially if you like your music to make you think about what is going on. The performances are excellent, and all the performers go all out to make this music really speak to us. The notes in the booklet are excellent and the recording is superb. I’ve said it before, but I shall repeat myself: Meyer is a major composer and he cannot be ignored. There are now sufficient CDs of his music available for us to be able to really discover him and his work. For me this is essential listening, and I would urge everyone who is interested in contemporary music to join me in discovering one of the most elemental and exciting composers currently at work today.’

    —Bob Briggs, MusicWeb International

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