Livia Teodorescu-Ciocănea: Orchestral Music


These three works by the Romanian composer Livia Teodorescu-Ciocănea (b. 1959) show her approach to three of the central genres of the western classical tradition: symphony, concerto and cantata. The powerful and programmatic Archimedes Symphony was inspired by the death of Archimedes in the siege of Syracuse in 214 BC; the Rite for Enchanting the Air – a concerto for various flutes and orchestra – is a kind of magical journey into a dizzying world of sound and colour; and the cantata Mysterium tremendum aims to reconcile Byzantine and Catholic liturgical traditions. All three make clear her fascination with orchestral timbre and texture – and have distant roots in Romanian folk-music.

Pierre-Yves Artaud, flutes (Tracks 5–8
Antonela Barnat, mezzo-soprano (Tracks 9–12)
Romanian Radio National Orchestra (Tracks 1–8)
Radio Romania Chamber Orchestra (Tracks 9–12)
Valentin Doni (Tracks 1–4)
Alan Tongue (Tracks 5–8)
Cristian Oroșanu (Tracks 9–12), conductors

Listen To This Recording:

    Archimedes Symphony (2006–11)

  1. I The Assault on Syracuse –
  2. II Noli tangere circulos meos (Do not touch my circles) –
  3. III The Burning Mirrors of Archimedes –
  4. IV Elegy at the Tomb of Archimedes – The Sphere and the Cylinder
  5. Rite for Enchanting the Air – Concerto for Flute(s) and Orchestra (1998)

  6. I Largo –
  7. II Mosso agitato –
  8. III Più mosso –
  9. IV Adagio
  10. Mysterium tremendum – cantata for mezzo-soprano and orchestra (2016)

  11. I The Hymn of the Cherubim
  12. II The Gospel of Matthew
  13. III Dies Irae
  14. IV Recordare



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