Mihkel Kerem: Orchestral and Chamber Music

The Estonian violinist Mihkel Kerem (born in Tallinn in 1981) is familiar as a performer in Britain as well as at home; he is also a prolific composer, with over one hundred works to his credit, three symphonies among them. The three-movement Third (2003) and the Lamento for viola and strings (2008-9) lie downstream from Shostakovich and Boris Tishchenko, whereas the String Sextet (2004), cast in a single half-hour span, has its musical starting-point and initial poetic impulse in Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht but also manifests the polyphonic lyricism of Strauss' Metamorphosen. All three works are concerned with the expression of human emotions in music, in the Third Symphony and Lamento with the struggle of the individual voice against oppressive ideology.

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, orchestra
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, chamber orchestra
Tallinn Ensemble, ensemble
Mikk Murdvee, viola, conductor


Catalogue No: TOCC0173
EAN/UPC: 5060113441737
Release Date: 03.06.2013
Composer: Mihkel Kerem
Artists: Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Mikk Murdvee, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, Tallinn Ensemble

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    “…The tension of the music is effortlessly prolonged by the Estonian forces; the superb recording (made in the Estonian Concert Hall in Tallinn) only serves to reinforce the importance of the musical events, allowing the listener to hear with clarity the full expressive weight of Kerem’s utterance…I enjoyed this release enormously. Kerem is an interesting composer of great skill, and he clearly has something to say. He also has an economy of means which he uses to say it.” —Fanfare

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