John Pickard: Songs for Voice and Piano

The English composer John Pickard (b. 1963) is best known for a series of powerful orchestral works, five symphonies among them. But this album of songs – his complete output for voice and piano to date – demonstrates that he can generate drama on a smaller scale, too. These settings – of two less familiar poets of the First World War, often exploring man’s relationship with nature, and a translation of a ninth-century Anglo-Saxon phantasmagorical allegory – encompass a wide range of moods, requiring soaring vocal lines, declamatory authority and the gentlest intimacy, supported by piano textures that can are up in freewheeling virtuosity.

Roderick Williams, baritone (Tracks 1-5, 7-15)
Eve Daniell, soprano (Track 6)
Simon Lepper, piano

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    Binyon Songs (2010–12)

  1. Binyon Songs: I Nature
  2. Binyon Songs: II Sowing Seed
  3. Binyon Songs: III Autumn Song
  4. Binyon Songs: IV When all the world is hidden
  5. Binyon Songs: V The Burning of the Leaves
  6. The Phoenix (1992)

  7. The Phoenix
  8. The Borders of Sleep (2000–1)

  9. The Borders of Sleep: I Tall Nettles
  10. The Borders of Sleep: II The Trumpet
  11. The Borders of Sleep: III The Mill-Water
  12. The Borders of Sleep: IV Out in the Dark
  13. The Borders of Sleep: V The Gallows
  14. The Borders of Sleep: VI Rain
  15. The Borders of Sleep: VII No One Cares Less Than I
  16. The Borders of Sleep: VIII Last Poem (The Sorrow of True Love)
  17. The Borders of Sleep: IX Lights Out



Catalogue No: TOCC0413
EAN/UPC: 5060113444134
Release Date: 01.11.2017
Composer: John Pickard
Artists: Eve Daniell, Roderick Williams, Simon Lepper


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