Adolf Jensen: Piano Music, Volume One

Adolf Jensen: Piano Music

Adolf Jensen (1837–79) is one of the major figures of German Romanticism, the composer of a large corpus of songs and piano music. Jensen’s musical language fuses the heritage of Schumann, Chopin and Liszt into an individual style distinguished by its melodic and lyrical appeal, and yet he has been almost entirely forgotten. This first in a series of recordings of his music hopes to restore his name to circulation.

Erling R. Eriksen, piano

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Catalogue No: TOCC0232
EAN/UPC: 5060113442321
Release Date: 12.05.2015
Composer: Adolf Jensen
Artists: Erling R. Eriksen

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  1. Erotikon, Op. 44: I Kassandra
  2. Erotikon, Op. 44: II Die Zauberin
  3. Erotikon, Op. 44: III Galatea
  4. Erotikon, Op. 44: IV Elektra
  5. Erotikon, Op. 44: V Adonisklage
  6. Erotikon, Op. 44: VI Eros
  7. Erotikon, Op. 44: VII Kypris
  8. Deutsche Suite, Op. 36: I Allemande
  9. Deutsche Suite, Op. 36: II Courante
  10. Deutsche Suite, Op. 36: III Sarabande
  11. Deutsche Suite, Op. 36: IV Gavotte I
  12. Deutsche Suite, Op. 36: IV Gavotte II
  13. Deutsche Suite, Op. 36: VI Gigue
  14. 3 Songs transcribed by Max Reger: No. 1 Sechs Lieder, Op. 1: No. 1, ‘Lehn’ deine Wang’ an meine Wang”
  15. 3 Songs transcribed by Max Reger: No. 2 Sieben Gesange aus dem spanischen Liederbuch, Op. 21: No. 4, ‘Murmelndes Luftchen’
  16. 3 Songs transcribed by Max Reger: No. 3 Sieben Gesange aus dem spanischen Liederbuch, Op. 21: No. 6, ‘Am Ufer des Flusses, des Manzanares’
  17. Der Scheidenden: Two Romances, Op. 16: No. 1
  18. Der Scheidenden: Two Romances, Op. 16: No. 2

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    “I was pleasantly surprised by the music of German composer Adolf Jensen (1837-1879), who flowered in the mid Romantic period. … Jensen’s Opus 44 set of Erotikon display abstract characteristics of some classical Greek dieties. To my ears they show influences of other romantic piano composers … The music is original, however, and the melodic and textural styles are all his own. … This is strong and passionate music, a little like In der Nacht of Schumann in its lyrical moodiness. I think this is the composer at his best.
    Deutche Suite, Op 36, shows the composer’s keen interest in the eighteenth century keyboard music of Bach, Scarlatti and some of those immediately following them, such as Clementi and Galuppi. … This is no pastiche, however. Listen hard to these and enjoy. The Sarabande stood out for me, with its grand and ornate gestures but showing how important space and silence is as a musical device. …
    Three songs, arranged for solo piano by none other than Max Reger, are all lovely and show Jensen as a gifted composer of lieder. The standout piece for me is the last, ‘Am Ufer des Flusses, des Manzanares …’, with its imitation of the strumming of the mandolin accompanying a singer. It’s truly lovely. …
    If you want to hear music that is romantic, strongly melodic and individualistic, but never recorded before, then you will enjoy this disc. The music is virtuosic in style, but never flashy or coarse and the pianist here, Erling R Eriksen, is to my mind exceptional, both in how he interprets this music, and also in getting around the considerable technical difficulties and making the music sound easy … it’s not! I’m looking forward to Toccata’s second disc of Adolf Jensen’s piano music.” —Daily Classical Music, August 2015

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