Eyvind Alnæs: Songs to Texts by Heine, Burns and Scandinavian Poets

Catalogue No: TOCC0124
EAN/UPC: 5060113441249
Release Date: 29.10.2012
Composer: Eyvind Alnæs
Artists: Ann-Beth Solvang, Erling R. Eriksen

With recordings of his symphonies and piano music now available, the Norwegian composer Eyvind Alnæs (1872-1932) is slowly emerging from obscurity to take his place as an important successor to Grieg, likewise marrying an essentially lyrical style with the melodies and rhythms of Norwegian folk-music and, in his later output, an awareness of Debussy and French impressionism. In this recital of Alnæs' atmospheric songs — most of them not previously recorded — Erling R. Eriksen, whose playing of Alnæs' piano works can be heard on an earlier Toccata Classics CD, returns to his music in the company of Ann-Beth Solvang, one of Norway's best mezzo sopranos.

Ann-Beth Solvang, mezzo soprano
Erling R. Eriksen, piano

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    Four Songs to Texts by Nils-Magnus Folcke, Op. 34 (1922)

  1. No. 1 ‘Ett vackert gammalt mönster’
  2. No. 2 ‘Förryckt amour’
  3. No. 3 ‘Visan om Maj’
  4. No. 4 ‘En gammal ung visa’
  5. From Four Songs to Texts by Gustav Fröding and N. M. Folcke, Op. 35 (1922)

  6. No. 1 ‘En visa till Karin när hon hade dansat’ (Fröding)
  7. No. 2 ‘En visa till Karin ur fängelset’ (Fröding)
  8. From Three Poems by Nils Collett Vogt, Op. 29 (1920)

  9. No. 1 ‘Sne’
  10. No. 2 ‘Ruten’
  11. Five Songs to Texts by Robert Burns and Heinrich Heine, Op. 6 (publ. 1896)

  12. No. 1 ‘Winterklage’ (Burns, ‘The Wintry West’)
  13. No. 2 ‘An eine Nachtigall’ (Burns, ‘To a Woodlark’)
  14. No. 3 ‘Ein Jüngling liebt ein Mädchen’ (Heine)
  15. No. 4 ‘Was will die einsame Thräne?’ (Heine)
  16. No. 5 ‘Der erste Psalm’ (Burns)
  17. Three Songs to Poems by Viggo Stuckenberg, Op. 26 (1913)

  18. No. 1 ‘Lykken mellem to mennesker’
  19. No. 2 ‘Nu brister i alle de kløfter’
  20. No. 3 ‘En morgen var din grav’
  21. From Four Poems by Herman Wildenvey, Op. 30 (1920)

  22. No. 1 ‘Højtid’
  23. No. 4 ‘Eventyr til Ellen’
  24. Six Songs to Texts by Anders Hovden and A. O. Vinje, Op. 22 (1907)

  25. No. 1 ‘Tungalda’ (Hovden)
  26. No. 2 ‘Den diktar aldri djupt’ (Vinje)
  27. No. 3 ‘Attergløyma’ (Vinje)
  28. No. 4 ‘Du naar maalet’ (Vinje)
  29. No. 5 ‘So skal gjenta hava det’ (Vinje)
  30. No. 6 ‘Mold’ (Hovden)
  31. From Three Songs for a Middle Voice to Texts by Nils Collett Vogt, Op. 23 (pub. 1908): No. 2 ‘Alt var dig’
  32. From Four Songs to Texts by Oscar Stjerne and Nils-Magnus Folcke, Op. 41

  33. No. 3 ‘En Vaggvislåt’ (Stjerne)
  34. No. 4 ‘En Vår – En Dikt’ (Folcke)

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    ‘Exquisitely performed’

    —Tim Ashley, The Guardian

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