Henry Handel Richardson: Let Spring Come and other Songs

Catalogue No: TOCC0629
EAN/UPC: 5060113446299
Release Date: 2022-01-07
Composer: Henry Handel Richardson
Artists: Narelle Yeo, Simon Lobelson, Tonya Lemoh

The Australian writer Henry Handel Richardson (1870–1946) was christened Ethel Florence Lindesay Richardson: she adopted a male nom de plume in anticipation of professional prejudice. Although she made an international reputation as a novelist, she first trained as a pianist, and she wrote songs all her life – but they remained unpublished, so that her output as a composer has been completely overlooked. Her songs are straightforward and melodious, drawing their inspiration from Romantic German Lieder and Edwardian drawing-room ballads, lullabies and parlour songs in the manner of Bridge, Ireland, Quilter and other such composers.

Narelle Yeo, soprano (Tracks 1 –10, 14–18, 24–32)
Simon Lobelson, baritone (Tracks 11 – 13, 19 – 23)
Tonya Lemoh, piano

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Erster Verlust
  2. Unter der Linden
  3. Wenn ich scheiden muss
  4. Wiegenlied
  5. Eia im Sause
  6. Schlaf, Kindlein, Schlaf
  7. Vagabundenlied
  8. Christkindleins Wiegenlied
  9. Lied des armen Narren
  10. Wenn du meinem Schatzel kommst
  11. Ringel-ringel-rosenkranz
  12. Schusters Abendlied
  13. Irmelin Rose
  14. O nous achèterons
  15. Tuscan Lullaby
  16. A Toast
  17. A la mode
  18. Let Spring Come
  19. Dregs
  20. The Rolling English Road
  21. Peacock Pie
  22. The Irishman’s Song
  23. The King’s Men
  24. The Night of Trafalgar
  25. So We’ll Go No More A-roving
  26. Regret Not Me
  27. The Spring, my Dear
  28. There was an old new England cat
  29. At Kew
  30. Come Away, Death
  31. Vesperal
  32. Susannah Fry



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