Heino Eller: Complete Piano Music, Volume Seven

Catalogue No: TOCC0611
EAN/UPC: 5060113446114
Release Date: 2021-08-06
Composer: Heino Eller
Artists: Sten Lassmann

The piano music of the Estonian composer Heino Eller (1887–1970), a total of 206 works, is not only the largest part of his output: it is also the largest body of works in Estonian classical music. But most of these pieces are unknown, even though the best of them are original contributions to the piano repertoire of the twentieth century, with Eller’s sensitive lyricism underpinned by gentle humour and an occasional epic tone. This seventh volume brings music from half a century, from 1912 to 1961– mostly miniatures but each of them full of atmosphere and personality.

Sten Lassmann, piano

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  1. Moderato in A minor (1912)
  2. Allegretto – poco moderato in F sharp minor (1913)
  3. Allegretto in F sharp minor (1913)
  4. Andantino in B minor (1913)
  5. Tempo di marcia in F sharp minor (1939)
  6. Five Preludes (1932–34)*

  7. No. 1 Moderato, B minor
  8. No. 2 Lento assai, A major
  9. No. 3 Sostenuto, espressivo, C sharp minor
  10. No. 4 Allegretto capriccioso, B major
  11. No. 5 Sostenuto, C sharp minor
  12. Andante sostenuto in G major (1910s)
  13. Intermezzo in G minor (1943)
  14. Allegro animato in F minor
  15. Romanze in B flat major (1950–60)
  16. Allegro animato in D sharp minor (1939)
  17. Elegiac Dance (1921)
  18. Twelve Bagatelles (1961)**

  19. No. 1 Kurb laul (ʻSad Song’)
  20. No. 2 Hommikul (ʻIn the Morning’)
  21. No. 3 Tantsuhoos (ʻDancing’)
  22. No. 4 Rahvaviis (ʻFolk Tune’)
  23. No. 5 Mängurõõm (ʻJoy of Playing’)
  24. No. 6 Igatsus (ʻYearning’)
  25. No. 7 Lastelaul (ʻChildrens’ Song’)
  26. No. 8 Karjamaal (ʻOn the Pasture’)
  27. No. 9 Unelm (ʻDream’)
  28. No. 10 Tantsulugu (ʻDancing pieces’)
  29. No. 11 Meenutus (ʻRecollection’)
  30. No. 12 Kapriis (ʻCaprice’)



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