Heino Eller: Complete Piano Music, Volume Eight

Catalogue No: TOCC0637
EAN/UPC: 5060113446374
Release Date: 2022-02-04
Composer: Heino Eller
Artists: Sten Lassmann

The piano music of the Estonian composer Heino Eller (1887–1970), a total of 206 works, is not only the largest part of his output; it is also the largest body of works in Estonian classical music. Most of these pieces are unknown, even though the best of them are original contributions to the twentieth-century piano repertoire, with Eller’s sensitive lyricism underpinned by gentle humour and an occasional epic tone. This eighth volume brings music from half a century of music, from 1912 to 1960 – mostly miniatures but each of them full of atmosphere and personality.

Sten Lassmann, piano

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  1. Moderato assai in G major (?1940s)
  2. Moderato in F major (1913)
  3. Moderato sostenuto in B minor (1919/1960)
  4. Moderato cantando in D major (1950s)
  5. Moderato assai in B flat minor (1915)
  6. Dance in G major (1916)
  7. Dance in G minor (1916)
  8. Largo in E minor (1919/1944)
  9. Perpetuum mobile in D major (1933)
  10. Fourteen Pieces (1943)

  11. No. 3 Mõtisklus (ʻContemplation’)
  12. No. 8 Vivo
  13. No. 9 Larghetto
  14. No. 12 Allegro ma non troppo
  15. No. 14 Tempo di Marcia
  16. Waltz in A flat major (1916)
  17. Étude in E flat minor (1913)
  18. Étude in E flat minor (1913)
  19. Berceuse in A flat major (1913)
  20. Fantasie in B flat minor (1912)
  21. Estonian Wedding March in D major (1940s)
  22. Music Box in G major (1912)
  23. Allegro scherzando in D major (1938)
  24. Danse du Faune (1917)
  25. Evening Song in G flat major (1921)*
  26. Spiritoso in D flat major (1921)



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