Guy Ropartz: Piano Music

Guy Ropartz: Piano Music

Guy Ropartz (1864–1955) was one of the unsung heroes of French music, often conducting the music of his contemporaries with his orchestra in Nancy. But Ropartz was a Breton, and his own music is impregnated with echoes of Breton folksong, which combines with the dignified manner inherited from his teacher, César Franck, and the delicate shades of Debussyan Impressionism, to create an atmospheric and attractive style, instantly recognisable as French.

Stephanie McCallum, piano
First recordings

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Catalogue No: TOCC0326
EAN/UPC: 5060113443267
Release Date: 04.12.2015
Composer: Guy Ropartz
Artists: Stephanie McCallum

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    “Opening the disc is the suite Dans l’ombre de la montagne, the most substantial work here. The sombre narrative extends across all seven movements, with recurring motives throughout, providing an idée fixe. … Stephanie McCallum’s performance of intensity and rhetorical eloquence has exceptional appeal. … Un Prélude Dominical et six pièces à danser pour chaque jour de la semaine is cast in a more joyous and optimistic vein than the previous work. … The score showcases Ropartz’s more impressionistic style, and the music is awash in colour which McCallum imaginatively conveys in this piano arrangement which the composer made in 1930. I particularly like the reflective contrasts in Jeudi, the fifth movement. … The Choral varié of 1904 clearly shows a Franckian influence, almost taking its lead from Franck’s organ chorales. … The final two pieces La chanson de Marguerite: Caprice Valse and First-Love: Bluette of 1886, predate the composer’s contact with Franck. These seductively lyrical pieces have an endearing intimacy. McCallum’s performances encapsulate the affability, genteel charm and captivating essence of these beguiling miniatures. … These are winning performances, warmly recorded, and make a strong case for both the attractiveness and quality of this composer’s music. Stephanie McCallum’s enthusiastic advocacy adds to the success of the mix. Peter McCallum’s detailed annotations, in English only, provide fascinating and informative background. Will there be any more of Ropartz’s piano music to come? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.” –Music Web International, February 2016

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