Andrei Golovin: Orchestral Music

The music of Andrei Golovin (born in Moscow in 1950) lies in the Russian symphonic tradition downstream from Shostakovich and Boris Tchaikovsky. His music, like theirs, employs a sombre lyricism to conjure up images of vast open spaces but can also flare up in outbursts of considerable power. This CD presents a conspectus of almost four decades of his compositions, ranging from his first symphony to his most recent.

Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra; Andrei Golovin, conductor; Musica Viva Chamber Orchestra; Alexander Rudin, cello and conductor; Mikhail Bereznitsky, viola; Moscow Conservatoire Concert Symphony Orchestra; Anatoly Levin, conductor;

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Light Unapproachable: Symphony No. 4: I Largo di molto
  2. Light Unapproachable: Symphony No. 4: II Moderato
  3. Canzone for Cello and String Orchestra
  4. Concerto-Symphony for Viola and Cello with Orchestra: I Allegro vivace –
  5. Concerto-Symphony for Viola and Cello with Orchestra: II Presto
  6. Concerto-Symphony for Viola and Cello with Orchestra: III Largo –
  7. Concerto-Symphony for Viola and Cello with Orchestra: IV Cadenza –
  8. Concerto-Symphony for Viola and Cello with Orchestra: V Andante

2 reviews for Andrei Golovin: Orchestral Music

  1. :

    ‘… Andrei Golovin is one of the most interesting composers of contemporary Russia. … Of all genres, the composer has a strong leaning towards symphonic and chamber music, so this issue gives the listener an adequate picture of Golovin’s style and harmonic language. … Certainly not for the squeamish, but this disc is certainly worth serious scrutiny. Sound and presentation are top notch.’

    —Gerald Fenech, Daily Classical Music, July 2015

  2. :

    ‘… This new Toccata release, very well played and recorded, is especially welcome because it gathers three major orchestral works that span much of Golovin’s career: his 1976 First Symphony (also titled Concerto-Symphony for Viola, Cello, and Orchestra), 2008 Canzone for cello and string orchestra, and the 2013 Fourth Symphony, Light Unapproachable. …
    All I can suggest is that you listen to Golovin’s Fourth Symphony. Let this now-seraphic, now awe-inspiring music wash over you; and feel your spirit rise above the sorrows of this world. See our lives from the vertiginous yet consoling vantage of eternity, the ineffable loveliness of our small blue planet in the vastness of space, a spinning toy in the hands of the Infinite. Readers who know and love Bruckner will understand what I mean.’

    —Mark L. Lehman, American Record Guide, 08 September 2015

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