Friedrich Gernsheim: The Two Piano Quintets

Catalogue No: TOCC0099
EAN/UPC: 5060113440990
Release Date: 2010-02-22
Composer: Friedrich Gernsheim
Artists: Art Vio String Quartet, Edouard Oganessian

The music of the German composer Friedrich Gernsheim (1839-1918) is gradually beginning to emerge in recordings, revealing him as one of the finest composers of his age. His two piano quintets are tightly constructed, powerfully argued and full of rhythmic energy, and also abound with memorable tunes. They are, in fact, both masterpieces, among the very best of German Romantic chamber music, ranking alongside the Brahms and Schumann works.

Art Vio String Quartet
Edouard Oganessian, piano

2 reviews for Friedrich Gernsheim: The Two Piano Quintets

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    ‘Another amazing Toccata discovery is the chamber music of Friedrich Gernsheim (1839-1916). … I am overwhelmed by these two works. They are incredibly alive, passionate, rhythmically dramatic, and melodically blessed. Brahms clone? Here Gernsheim is in competition with the master for the top rung. The Art Vio Quartet and Pianist Edouard Oganessian play as if their lives depended on it. This is a major find.’

    —Robert Reilly, CatholiCity

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    ‘The performances are absolutely second to none, and there is little, if any evidence to suggest that they were actually recorded over ten years ago. Granted, we now live in an age where more and more unfamiliar repertoire is being made available, something which can so easily cause market saturation, but this CD has so very much to commend it, and, if you were merely looking to hear some of Gernsheim’s music, you could do no better than make a start with his two Piano Quintets.’

    —Philip R Buttall, MusicWeb Inernatioanl

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