Herman Galynin: Piano Music, Volume One

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Catalogue No: TOCC0076
EAN/UPC: 5060113440761
Release Date: 2008-06-01
Composer: Herman Galynin
Artists: Olga Solovieva

The Russian composer Herman Galynin (1922-66) studied at the Moscow Conservatory with Shostakovich and Myaskovsky, producing a flow of brilliant compositions while still a student. They fuse influences from his teachers — Shostakovich's wit and irony and Myaskovsky's lyrical introspection — with Prokofiev's rhythmic energy to produce a language very much his own. Although he was dogged by ill fortune (he was an orphan) and ill health, Galynin's music expresses a defiant will to live with verve and humour.

Olga Solovieva, piano

Listen To This Recording:

    Sonata Triad (1939–41, rev. 1963)

  1. I. Allegro in B minor
  2. II. Allegro in E minor
  3. III. Allegro in B major
  4. Suite (1945)

  5. No. 1, Toccata
  6. No. 2, Intermezzo
  7. No. 3, Dance
  8. No. 4, Aria
  9. No. 5, Finale
  10. Four Preludes (c. 1939)

  11. No. 1, Andantino
  12. No. 2, Con moto
  13. No. 3, Scherzando
  14. No. 4, Lento
  15. Waltz (c. 1939)
  16. Dance (c. 1939)
  17. Scherzo (c. 1939)
  18. Spanish Fantasy (c. 1939)
  19. Three Pieces from The Tamer Tamed (1944)

  20. Gavotte
  21. Intermedio
  22. Procession ‘Bringing the Gifts’
  23. At the Zoo (1948/65)

  24. No. 1, Siskin
  25. No. 2, Little Hare
  26. No. 3, Bear
  27. No. 4, Swans
  28. No. 5, Elephant

4 reviews for Herman Galynin: Piano Music, Volume One

  1. :

    ‘brilliantly creative writing … deeply indebted to Shostakovich yet redeemed by an irrepressible personality’

    —Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International

  2. :

    ‘Anyone interested in twentieth century music — particularly that of Soviet Russia — will want to experience this.’

    —Uncle Dave Lewis, AllMusic

  3. :

    ‘Galynin – never heard of the guy – is amazing: a blend of Prok & Shost & the wit of Poulenc & Chabrier, all brilliantly played – she has the clarity of Berman and contagious drive. Inspiring stuff and excellent CD presentation – a welcome discovery…’

    —Raymond Luckhurst

  4. :

    ‘…whimsy, inexhaustible invention, and sharp focus – not only in the arresting thematic material, but in its organization and often fascinating transformation. As for Olga Solovieva, her choice as soloist was inspired. She brings clarity and a wide variety in her touch to these virtuosic performances, while remaining properly responsive to both the poetic and caustic sides of Galynin’s musical personality.…Definitely recommended, with a side order of congratulations to Toccata Classics for making this the first of a series.’

    —Barry Brenesal, Fanfare Magazine

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