Einar Englund: Complete Music for Solo Piano

Einar Englund (1916–99) was not only one of Finland’s major symphonists; he was also one of his country’s most important pianists and was destined for a career as a virtuoso until, as a soldier, he damaged a finger in a battle against the invading Russians. He wrote surprisingly little for his own instrument, but the works he did produce glitter with a Prokofievan steely strength and textural clarity, animated with the ironic humour that was typical of the composer himself.

Laura Mikkola, piano

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    Prelude and Fughetta:

  1. Hommage a Bach: Prelude
  2. Hommage a Bach: Fughetta
  3. Sonatina No. 2, The Parisian:

  4. I Allegro con brio
  5. II Andante
  6. III Vivace
  7. Prelude
  8. Pavane e Toccata:

  9. Pavane: Adagio
  10. Toccata: Allegro marcato
  11. Humoresque
  12. Little Toccata
  13. Sicilienne
  14. What the Hens Tell
  15. The Goblin
  16. Scherzino
  17. Prelude I (Notturno)
  18. Sonatina No. 1 in D minor:

  19. I Allegro con brio
  20. II Sicilienne
  21. III Scherzo-Finale
  22. Sinuhe:

  23. No. 1 Dance of Sinuhe
  24. No. 2 Dance of Nefer
  25. No. 3 Sinuhe and Nefer-Nefer
  26. No. 4 Dance of Kaptah and the Girls
  27. No. 5 The War Dance of Horemheb
  28. Introduzione e Toccata:

  29. Introduzione
  30. Toccata
  31. Piano Sonata No. 1:

  32. I Introduzione ed allegro
  33. II Notturno
  34. III Scherzo-Finale
  35. The Lauttasaari Rotary Club Festive March

Catalogue No: TOCC0356
EAN/UPC: 5060113443564
Release Date: 01.06.2017
Composer: Einar Englund
Artists: Laura Mikkola


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