Echoes of Autumn and Light: New Chamber Music from Luxembourg

Catalogue No: TOCN0011
EAN/UPC: 5060640070110
Release Date: 2021-03-19
Composer: Camille Kerger, Georges Lentz, Marcel Reuter, Markus Brönnimann
Artists: Kammerata Luxembourg

These five pieces – all written by Luxembourgeois composers within the past decade – draw on the flexible forces of Kammerata Luxembourg to generate a kaleidoscopic range of colours and textures. Though the music is unapologetically modernist in style, it is presented in instrumental combinations remarkable for their delicacy and gentle contours – in the aural equivalent of a walk through autumn woods.

Kammerata Luxembourg
Mariette Lentz, soprano (Track 1)
Markus Brönnimann, flute, alto flute, piccolo (Tracks 1, 3–9, 11–16)
Sébastien Duguet, clarinet, bass clarinet (Tracks 3–16)
Max Mausen, clarinet, bass clarinet (Tracks 1-2)
Leo Halsdorf, horn (Track 1)
Sandrine Cantoreggi, violin (Tracks 1, 10)
Haoxing Liang, violin (Tracks 3 – 9, 11 – 16)
Sophie Urhausen, viola (Track 1)
Nora Braun, cello (Tracks 1, 10)
Ilia Laporev, cello (Tracks 2 – 9, 11 – 16)
Jeannot Sanavia, double bass (Track 1)
Chanel Perdichizzi, harp (Track 2)
Victor Kraus, percussion (Track 10)
Béatrice Rauchs, piano (Tracks 1, 3–16)
Camille Kerger, conductor (Tracks 1, 11–16)

    MARCEL REUTER (b. 1973)

  1. No Hue of Afternoon (2011) for soprano, flute, clarinet (bass clarinet), horn, violin, viola, cello, double-bass and piano
  2. MARKUS BRÖNNIMANN (b. 1968)

  3. El canto quiere ser luz (2020) for harp, bass clarinet and cello
    Mezza Voce (2018) for flute (alto flute), clarinet (bass clarinet), violin, cello and piano

  5. I feroce
  6. II sospeso
  7. III cantabile
  8. IV fragment I
  9. V fragment II
  10. VI quasi un sogno
  11. VII fragment III
  12. GEORGES LENTZ (b. 1965)
    Nguurraa from Mysterium (Caeli enarrant… VII) (2000–20) for clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion

  13. Nguurraa
  14. CAMILLE KERGER (b. 1957)
    Lieder des Herbstes (2014) for soprano, flute (alto flute, piccolo), clarinet (bass clarinet), violin, cello and piano

  15. I Ich schau auf den Mond
  16. II Where are the Songs of Spring
  17. III Grillen zirpen Traurig
  18. IV Who hath not seen thee
  19. V Es trieb die Einsamkeit mich fort
  20. VI Season of Mists


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  1. :

    ‘All performances are first rate as everyone sings and plays with wholehearted commitment and the recording is excellent. Short biographies and notes by the composers are included, as well as the sung texts. All this makes for a most worthwhile release which again sheds some light on a somewhat neglected byway of the contemporary musical scene. At the risk of repeating myself, this release is well worth exploring, for there is really much to enjoy here.’

    —Hubert Culot, MusicWeb International

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