Stephen DODGSON: Chamber Music, Volume Five: Music for Winds II

Catalogue No: TOCC0499
EAN/UPC: 5060113444998
Release Date: 2020-02-07
Composer: Stephen Dodgson
Artists: Magnard Ensemble, Olivia Jageurs

This fifth album in the Toccata Classics survey of the chamber music of London-born Stephen Dodgson (1924–2013) offers a second instalment of his many works for woodwinds, as well as a duo for the unusual combination of horn and harp. Much of it brings Dodgson’s sense of fun to the fore, often through rhythmic mischief or an insouciance that recalls Poulenc. It can have a spiky vivacity that suggests Janáček, too, and a hint of Baroque formality – but it also has that particularly English strain of lyricism that suggests the impermanence of beauty.

Magnard Ensemble
Suzannah Clements, flute (Tracks 16–20, 24)
Mana Shibata, oboe (Tracks 1–6, 16–20, 24)
Joseph Shiner, clarinet (Tracks 1–13, 15–20, 24)
Catriona McDermid, bassoon (Tracks 1–20, 24)
Jonathan Farey, horn (Tracks 1–2, 16–24)
Suling King, piano (Tracks 1–2, 7–15)
Olivia Jageurs, harp (Tracks 21-23)

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    Quintet for Winds and Piano (1958)

  1. I Poco lento – Allegro – Poco lento: come al Principio
  2. II Allegro
  3. Serenade for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon (1959)

  4. I Poco lento
  5. II Allegro ben moderato
  6. III Andante
  7. IV Vivace
  8. Baermann’s Treasure for Clarinet and Piano: Introduction and Six Variations on a theme by Weber (1986)

  9. Introduction: Andante maestoso
  10. Theme: Poco allegro, amabile
  11. Var. 1: Alla Mazurka
  12. Var. 2
  13. Var. 3: Scherzando
  14. Var. 4
  15. Var. 5: Più tranquillo: semplice
  16. Var. 6: Allegro vivace
  17. Baermann – The Sequel (1995)

  18. Further, freer Variations
  19. Suite for Wind Quintet (1965)

  20. I Ouverture
  21. II Pastorale
  22. III Menuets 1 and 2
  23. IV Musette
  24. V Rondeau
  25. Duo for Horn and Harp (2004)

  26. I Andante
  27. II Allegro scherzando
  28. III Moderato
  29. Promenade II for Wind Quintet (1988)

  30. Promenade II for Wind Quintet


1 review for Stephen DODGSON: Chamber Music, Volume Five: Music for Winds II

  1. :

    ‘Excellent playing and another varied program serve to show what a vastly underrepresented composer Dodgson was. […]

    There is much to enjoy in the second volume of Dodgson’s wind chamber music, pieces composed between 1958 and 2004.[…]

    The Magnard Ensemble has recorded another excellent disc. It highlights the skill and expertise of Stephen Dodgson the composer. This series of chamber music discs from Toccata Classics has been quite a treat. […] The variety of music on this disc, with its complex and varied combinations, has shown the Magnard Ensemble at their very best. This applies equally to the harpist Olivia Jageurs. They are once again aided by the beautifully engineered sound of the Menuhin Hall, warm and welcoming. There also are the informative and detailed booklet notes that introduce this music very well indeed. A wonderful and highly recommendable disc.’

    —Stuart Sillitoe, MusicWeb International

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