Havergal Brian: Orchestral Music, Volume One

Catalogue No: TOCC0110
EAN/UPC: 5060113441102
Release Date: 2011-03-17
Composer: Havergal Brian
Artists: BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Garry Walker

The English composer Havergal Brian (1876-1972) had one of the longest creative careers in all music: the music on this CD spans 65 years, from the early Burlesque Variations, written in 1903 in partial response to the 'Enigma' Variations of Elgar, who was a friend of Brian's, to the second-last work he ever composed, the 'Legend' Ave atque vale of 1968 — music of astonishing vigour and energy for a 92-year-old.

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, orchestra
Garry Walker, conductor

3 reviews for Havergal Brian: Orchestral Music, Volume One

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    ‘Toccata Classics deserves a round of applause for championing Brian’s orchestral music, listed here as Volume 1. Let’s hope it sells as well as it deserves, so there will be further volumes in the near future.’

    —Barry Brenesal, Fanfare Magazine

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    ‘The BBC Scottish Orchestra under Garry Walker plays equally as well as its compatriots and is given a similarly classy recording. Both of these issues are fascinating and well presented — the Havergal Brian Society should be very pleased — and each boasts the addition of knowledgeable, readable notes by Malcolm MacDonald.’

    —Phillip Scott, Fanfare Magazine

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    ‘I have to admit to this being the disc I have most eagerly awaited hearing for some months. That being the case I am delighted to be able to report that it has fulfilled all my expectations if not exceeded them – let us all hope that the titling of this as ‘Volume 1’ really does augur well for an extended series of discs by this unique composer. […]

    That sense of dedication suffuses every element of this recording from the fascinating choice of repertoire on this well programmed CD to the fine engineering supporting excellent playing from the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. […]

    Conductor Garry Walker has become fully attuned to the Brian idiom. As mentioned before these are strikingly confident and convincing performances – orchestras are phenomenally skilled these days but to project such security and conviction as is heard throughout this disc requires those exact same qualities to be projected from the conductor’s podium. It is rare indeed that such complex and demanding music is first heard played as here and it adds considerably to the positive impact of the disc. On the evidence of this disc Walker proves himself to be an interpreter of distinction. […]

    Hopefully, it will be clear by now that I consider this a very special disc – exactly the kind of high quality combination of rare repertoire, performance and technical presentation that collectors hope for. For those as yet unfamiliar with the Havergal Brian I think this could act as an excellent introduction. […] A Volume 2 from this same team is essential and this current disc will be one of my discs of the year without doubt.’

    —Nick Barnard, MusicWeb International

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