Arthur Farwell: Piano Music, Volume Three

Catalogue No: TOCC0380
EAN/UPC: 5060113443809
Release Date: 2018-02-01
Composer: Arthur Farwell
Artists: Lisa Cheryl Thomas

The American composer Arthur Farwell (1872–1952) is remembered as the leading member of a group of ‘Indianists’ who used Native American tribal melodies in their own compositions. But Farwell’s stylistic range was much wider than is realised today. This third album of his piano music reveals the influence of both Debussy and Skryabin, perhaps even Busoni and, in the two ‘Navajo War Dances’ here, intriguing parallels with Bartók – all refracted through an imaginative mind with a sharp sense of keyboard drama, colour and atmosphere.

Lisa Cheryl Thomas, piano

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Piano Sonata, Op. 113 (1949)
  2. For Cynthia (1942)
  3. Laughing Piece (1914, rev. 1940)
  4. Two Little Poems for Piano, Op. 106 (1942): No. 2 Strange Dream
  5. In the Tetons, Op. 86 (1930)

  6. In the Tetons, Op. 86: I Granite and Ice
  7. In the Tetons, Op. 86: II Lonely Camp Fire
  8. In the Tetons, Op. 86: III Arduous Trail (Humoresque)
  9. In the Tetons, Op. 86: IV Wild Flower
  10. In the Tetons, Op. 86: V Wind Play
  11. In the Tetons, Op. 86: VI The Peaks at Night
  12. What’s in an octave?, Op. 84 (1930)

  13. What’s in an octave? Op. 84
  14. From Mesa and Plain, Op. 20 (1905)

  15. No. 1 Navajo War Dance
  16. Navajo War Dance No. 2, Op. 29 (1908)



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