Arnold Rosner: Chamber Music

The musical language of the New York-based Arnold Rosner (1945–2013) clothes the modal harmony and rhythm of pre-Baroque polyphony in rich Romantic colours, producing a style that is instantly recognisable and immediately appealing. These four chamber works, all receiving their first recordings, embrace a wide range of emotions, from tragic nobility to buoyant good humour, with Rosner’s use of modality adding a hint of the Orient.

Curtis Macomber, violin Tracks 1–3
Maxine Neuman, cello Tracks 4–7, 11–13
David Richmond, bassoon Tracks 8–10
Margaret Kampmeier, piano Tracks 1-3
Carson Cooman, piano 8–10


Catalogue No: TOCC0408
EAN/UPC: 5060113444080
Release Date: 01.07.2017
Composer: Arnold Rosner
Artists: Carson Cooman, Curtis Macomber, David Richmond, Margaret Kampmeier, Maxine Neuman

5 reviews for Arnold Rosner: Chamber Music

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    “An interesting and unusual disc, then, one that you will enjoy hearing.” –Art Music Lounge, July 2017

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    Album review: “The music of Arnold Rosner (1945–2013) has been gaining some traction in recent years, though it clearly needs more exposure, given its quality. … The performances are attractive, committed, and certainly up to handling the demands of the music. I suppose if I had to single out one musician for praise here, it would be Maxine Neuman, whose Danses à la mode is a tour de force. The sound is well forward. All in all, this is an excellent release of music by Rosner, and one that will hopefully draw more listeners to his accessible but distinctive art.”
    Want List: “The other features a composer I’d never heard music from before, Arnold Rosner, and who, based on this Toccata Classics release alone, I’d dearly love to hear in anything else he wrote. He displays a highly personalized language… All the music on this album displays a musical mind capable of great wit, structural discipline, and acute timbral sensitivity, given rein within a very broad expressive ambit.” —Fanfare Magazine, November/December 2017

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    Album review: “This recording is a must-have for anyone who appreciates traditionalist contemporary music and for anyone who appreciates the musical values of the pre-Baroque. Also, and most important, it’s deeply gratifying on an emotional level.”
    Want List: “…my “most wanted” recording of the year: Toccata Classics’ release of chamber works by Arnold Rosner. …all four works on this Rosner recording are truly outstanding, each showing a different facet of Rosner’s musical personality, from the good-humored dance-like first movement of the Violin Sonata to the dark contemplations of the Bassoon Sonata. For readers who do not yet know Rosner’s work, this is an ideal introduction; for readers who are already fans, this is a must-have.” —Fanfare Magazine, November/December 2017

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    Want List: “Finally, the disc devoted to chamber works of Arnold Rosner only reaffirms that the neglect this brilliantly innovative and thoroughly original composer suffered during his lifetime was a true musical tragedy.” —Fanfare Magazine, November/December 2017

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    “This lovely collection of chamber music by Arnold Rosner is a worthy addition to the late composer’s discography. … All the performances are skillful, committed, and communicative. The recorded sound is well balanced and neither too close nor too distant. All of these pieces receive their first recordings here, and praise is due Toccata Classics for its continued support of Rosner’s music.” —Fanfare Magazine, November/December 2017

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