Arnold Rosner: Chamber Music


Catalogue No: TOCC0408
EAN/UPC: 5060113444080
Release Date: 01.07.2017
Composer: Arnold Rosner
Artists: Carson Cooman, Curtis Macomber, David Richmond, Margaret Kampmeier, Maxine Neuman

The musical language of the New York-based Arnold Rosner (1945–2013) clothes the modal harmony and rhythm of pre-Baroque polyphony in rich Romantic colours, producing a style that is instantly recognisable and immediately appealing. These four chamber works, all receiving their first recordings, embrace a wide range of emotions, from tragic nobility to buoyant good humour, with Rosner’s use of modality adding a hint of the Orient.

Curtis Macomber, violin Tracks 1–3
Maxine Neuman, cello Tracks 4–7, 11–13
David Richmond, bassoon Tracks 8–10
Margaret Kampmeier, piano Tracks 1-3
Carson Cooman, piano 8–10

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    “An interesting and unusual disc, then, one that you will enjoy hearing.” –Art Music Lounge, July 2017

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