Arnold Rosner: Orchestral Music, Volume Three


Catalogue No: TOCC0469
EAN/UPC: 5060113444691
Release Date: 01.01.2019
Composer: Arnold Rosner
Artists: London Philharmonic Orchestra, Nick Palmer

The musical language of the New York-based Arnold Rosner (1945–2013) had its roots in the modal harmony and rhythm of pre-Baroque polyphony and evolved in an array of unusual directions, producing a style that is instantly recognisable and immediately appealing – as can be heard in the three works on this recording. Rosner’s Nocturne suggests the immensity – and the implacable violence – of outer space, whereas his overture Tempus Perfectum has its starting point in Renaissance dance. The monumental Sixth Symphony opens with music of volcanic ferocity and vehemence; the central Adagio then provides an island of troubled calm before the dignified opening of the finale presages a symphonic Allegro of wild, freewheeling energy; only when its immense force is spent does this powerful masterpiece sink to an uneasy close.

London Philharmonic Orchestra
Nick Palmer

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Nocturne, Op. 68 (1978)
  2. Tempus Perfectum: A Concert Overture, Op. 109 (1998)
  3. Symphony No. 6, Op. 64 (1976)

  4. Symphony No. 6, Op. 64: I Allegro agitato
  5. Symphony No. 6, Op. 64: II Adagio
  6. Symphony No. 6, Op. 64: III Grave Allegro Grandioso Listesso tempo Grave



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