Antoine REICHA: Complete Piano Music, Volume Four

Catalogue No: TOCC0273
EAN/UPC: 5060113442734
Release Date: 2020-03-06
Composer: Anton Reicha
Artists: Henrik Löwenmark

The piano music of the Czech-born composer Antoine Reicha (1770–1836) – friend of Haydn and Beethoven, teacher of Berlioz, Liszt and Franck – has only recently begun to be discovered. He was an important influence on composers of the next generation but until the last few years his piano works remained almost completely unknown. Encompassing Baroque practices as well as looking forward to the twentieth century, they are full of harmonic and other surprises that show this liveliest of musical minds at work. In this fourth volume of his survey of Reicha’s piano music Henrik Löwenmark sandwiches a number of quixotic miniatures between two grand but idiosyncratic sonatas.

Henrik Löwenmark, piano

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    Sonata in D major (c. 1805)

  1. I Allegro
  2. II Marche funèbre: un poco adagio e maestoso
  3. III La Folie: Allegro assai
  4. Andante in G major (c. 1800)
  5. Fantaisie in E minor/major, Op. 61 (publ. c. 1806)*
  6. L’Espiègle – Allegro scherzando (?1790s)
  7. Allegro in E flat major (c. 1803)
  8. Fantasie in C major (c. 1803)
  9. Fantasie in B flat major (c. 1803)
  10. Grande Sonata in E flat major (c. 1805)

  11. I Largo
  12. II Allegro moderato e maestoso
  13. III Finale: Allegro assai



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