Yevgeny Zemtsov: Chamber and Instrumental Music and Arrangements

Catalogue No: TOCC0564
EAN/UPC: 5060113445643
Release Date: 2021-07-03
Composer: Yevgeny Zemtsov
Artists: Anna Fedorova, Björn Lehmann, David Rowland, David Zemtsov, Ekaterina Levental, Julia Dinerstein, Utrecht String Quartet

The Russian composer Yevgeny Zemtsov (1940–2016) may be as well known for the dynasty of musicians – most of them violists – that he fathered than he is for his own music. This first album ever to be devoted to his compositions features works from the beginning and end of his career: a with some early violin works, influenced by Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev, a Bartókian string quartet, three spirited and spiky piano miniatures, an oblique piano elegy and five late, enigmatic, almost ritualistic settings of Japanese haikus. Late in life, too, he discovered a fascination with tango, and the album also features his elegant arrangements for string quartet of two Piazzolla favourites.

David Rowland (violin) – Track 4
David Zemtsov (violin) – Track 5
Anna Fedorova (piano) – Tracks 4,8,11
Björn Lehmann (piano) – Track 5
Ekaterina Levental (soprano) – Track 12
Julia Dinerstein (viola) – Track 21
Utrecht String Quartet
Eeva Koskinen (violin)
Katherine Routley (violin)
Mikhail Zemtsov (viola)
Sebastian Koloski (cello)

Listen To This Recording:

    String Quartet (1962, rev. 2004)

  1. I Lento – Allegro agitato – Lento doloroso –
  2. II Allegro molto
  3. III Allegro agitato – Lento aestoso
  4. Ballada for violin and piano (1959, rev. 2015)

  5. Ballada for violin and piano
  6. Violin Sonata No. 1, in memoriam Sergei Prokofiev (1961, rev. 2001)

  7. I Moderato
  8. II Lento cantabile
  9. III Allegro vivo
  10. Three Inventions for piano (1965, rev. 2005)

  11. No. 1 Fughetta (Allegro)
  12. No. 2 Intermezzo (Adagio molto capriccioso)
  13. No. 3 Toccatina (Presto)
  14. Ohnemass for piano (2004)

  15. Ohnemass
  16. Five Japanese Poems for soprano, two violins and cello (1985, rev. 2005)

  17. No. 1 Kak bezmolven sad (‘How silent is the garden’)
  18. No. 2 Na goloi vetke voron sidit (‘On the naked branch of a tree sits a raven’)
  19. No. 3 Sodrognis, o cholm! (‘Shudder, o hill’)
  20. No. 4 O etot put v glushi (‘O, this path through the undergrowth’)
  21. No. 5 Vse v lunnom serebre (‘All is filled with silver moonlight’)
    Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas (‘Four Seasons of Buenos Aires’; 1965–69) arr. Yevgeny Zemtsov for string quartet (2003)

  23. I Verano Porteño
  24. II Invierno Porteño
  25. III Primavera Porteña
  26. IV Otoño Porteño
  27. Le grand Tango (1982) arr. Yevgeny Zemtsov for solo viola and string quartet (2004)

  28. Le grand Tango



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