Philip van Wilder: Complete Sacred Music Chansons

Catalogue No: TOCC0198
EAN/UPC: 5060113441980
Release Date: 30.09.2013
Composer: Philip van Wilder
Artists: Cantores Chamber Choir, David Allinson

Philip van Wilder (c.1500-54) was a Dutch lutenist and composer who became Henry VIII's favourite musician, and yet he has passed almost unnoticed from musical history. This recording presents his complete surviving sacred music and some of his chansons and sets him in historical context: downstream from Josquin and Gombert, collaborating with Tallis and a formative influence on Byrd.

Cantores Chamber Choir, choir
David Allinson, director

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Ite missa est/Deo gratias (Thanks be to God) (early 16th c.)
  2. Homo quidam (A certain man) (c. late 15th c.)
  3. Homo quidam (A certain man) (early 16th c.)
  4. Pater noster (Our Father) (early 16th c.)
  5. Sancte Deus (Holy God) (early 16th c.)
  6. Sancte Deus (Holy God) (early 16th c.)
  7. Amy, souffrez (Friend, allow) (early 16th c.)
  8. Amy, souffrez (Friend, allow) (early 16th c.)
  9. O doux regard (O sweet glance) (early 16th c.)
  10. Je file quand Dieu me donne de quoy (I spin when God gives me the wherewithal) (early 16th c.)
  11. Pour vous aymer j’ay mis toute ma cure (I have given all my care to loving you) (early 16th c.)
  12. Amour me poingt, et si je me veulx plaindre (Love stings me) (early 16th c.)
  13. Turn thou us, O good Lord (mid 16th c.)
  14. Shall I despair thus suddenly? (early 16th c.) [reconstructed by Ian Payne]
  15. O sacrum convivium (O sacred banquet) (mid 16th c.)
  16. Blessed are those that be undefiled (mid 16th c.)
  17. Blessed art thou that fearest God (early 16th c.)
  18. If in thine heart (late 16th c.)
  19. Vidi civitatem sanctam (I saw the holy city) (early 16th c.)
  20. Non est qui consoletur/Non nobis, Domine (There is none to console/Not unto us, O Lord) (early 16th c.)
  21. Aspice Domine (Behold, Lord) (early 16th c.)
  22. Aspice Domine (Behold, Lord) (late 16th c.)
  23. Ne irascaris, Domine/Civitas sancti tui (Be not angry any more, Lord/Thy holy city) (late 16th c.)

4 reviews for Philip van Wilder: Complete Sacred Music Chansons

  1. :

    ‘Toccata Classics continue to do us proud at both ends of the musical time scale… This recording sets him [Wilder] in historical context: downstream from Josquin and Gombert, collaborating with Tallis and a formative influence on Byrd. I’m delighted to be introduced to his music and the decision to place it in context was particularly apt…’

    —Brian Wilson, MusicWeb International

  2. :

    ‘This recording is worth acquiring for the liner notes alone, never mind the sumptuous singing. David Allinson applies the same scholarly attention to detail to his writing as he does to the direction of his excellent choir, introducing us to the fascinating world of Philip van Wilder. …It’s a revelation.’

    —Stephen Pritchard, The Guardian

  3. :

    ‘…The implication is that Van Wilder was a very significant figure at the time, so it’s all the more curious that he has and remains, until now, entirely unknown…It seems that he was practically Henry VIII’s favourite composer and was lutenist at Court. …All power to the elbow of Toccata Classics. It deserves some sort of prize in its investigation of off the shelf and forgotten repertoire. This generously filled CD is beautifully recorded.’

    —Gary Higginson; MusicWeb International

  4. :

    “Superb music in fine performances. Wilder’s music deserves wide attention, being not only influential but excellent of itself. Since his surviving sacred music would not fill a disc, his chansons and the music by other composers which complete the disc could not have been better chosen further to illustrate his ability and influence. Byrd’s “If in thine heart” is a recorded premiere – an unusual event in Byrd discography these days – and if one piece can represent all that is good about this disc, it is Wilder’s motet “Vidi civitatem” which is a sensational discovery. I own a vast collection of recordings, and this disc has been the best addition to it this year. Congratulations to Toccata Classics for releasing it.”

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