Pärt Uusberg: Choral Music, Volume One


Catalogue No: TOCC0331
EAN/UPC: 5060113443311
Release Date: 01.10.2018
Composer: Pärt Uusberg
Artists: Collegium Musicale, Endrik Üksvärav

This album introduces both a new voice and a new choir to western audiences: the Estonian Pärt Uusberg (b. 1986) is well known at home as a film actor as well as a composer; and in 2017 Collegium Musicale carried the coveted Silver Rose Bowl of the EBU competition ‘Let the Peoples Sing’ home to Tallinn. Uusberg’s works use many of the devices that have made recent Baltic choral music so popular in the wider world: melodies that unfold calmly over long bass lines, sustained by suspensions and piqued by mild dissonance – reflecting an awareness of the immensity of nature in music that is both exquisitely beautiful and infinitely touching.

Collegium Musicale
Endrik Üksvärav


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