Giovanni Maria Nanino: Music for Four, Five and Eight Voices

Giobanni Maria Nanino: Music for Four, Five and Eight Voices

Giovanni Maria Nanino (1544–1607) was one of the major Italian composers of late-Renaissance polyphony. A successor of Palestrina as maestro di cappella at Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, Nanino produced a modest but expertly crafted body of sacred music, and his madrigals, too, enjoyed widespread popularity. He also became the most influential teacher of composition in late-sixteenth-century Rome. But despite the prestige he enjoyed in his own day, his music has been almost entirely forgotten. This recording – the first to be dedicated to his music – reveals it to have struck a remarkable balance between beauty, passion and dignity, between darkness and light.

Gruppo Vocale Àrsi & Tèsi
Tony Corradini, director

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Catalogue No: TOCC0235
EAN/UPC: 5060113442352
Release Date: 01.07.2016
Composer: Giovanni Maria Nanino
Artists: Gruppo Vocale Àrsi & Tèsi, Tony Corradini

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    Mass for Eight Voices

  1. I Kyrie
  2. II Gloria
  3. III Credo
  4. IV Sanctus/Benedictus
  5. V Agnus Dei
  6. Magnificat VII toni a 8
  7. Erano i capei d’oro a 5
  8. Principes persecuti sunt after Erano i capei d’oro a 5
  9. Morir non puo ’l mio core a 5
  10. Laetamini in Domino after Morir non puo a 5
  11. Dirige corda nostra after Donne vaghe e leggiadre a 8
  12. Magnificat VI toni (Bibl. Casanat. 4436) a 4
  13. Haec dies (Collectio major ex Bibliotheca Altempsiana) a 5
  14. Exultate Deo a 8
  15. LASSUS after NANINO

  16. Magnificat VII toni after Erano i capei d’oro a 5


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