Nikolai Tcherepnin: Piano Music

Catalogue No: TOCC0117
EAN/UPC: 5060113441171
Release Date: 2011-06-13
Composer: Nikolai Tcherepnin
Artists: David Witten

Nikolai Tcherepnin (1873-1945) — a student of Rimsky-Korsakov and teacher of Prokofiev — was a Russian-born composer and conductor, and the first of his family's musical dynasty. His piano music reveals a diversity of influences: the Three Pieces (c. 1890) have echoes of Chopin and Rachmaninov; the Fourteen Sketches on Pictures from the Russian Alphabet (1908) are miniature tone-poems inspired by Alexander Benois' beautifully illustrated alphabet book for children; and The Fisherman and the Fish (c. 1914) is a vivid musical depiction of this Pushkin poem, complete with watery splashes!

David Witten, piano

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    Three Pieces, Op. 24 (c. 1890)

  1. No. 1, Rêverie
  2. No. 2, Étude
  3. No. 3, Idylle
  4. Fourteen Sketches on Pictures from the Russian Alphabet, Op. 38 (1908)

  5. No. 1, Moor
  6. No. 2, Baba-Yaga
  7. No. 3, General
  8. No. 4, Dacha
  9. No. 5, Egypt
  10. No. 6, Stars
  11. No. 7, Mama
  12. No. 8, The Lake
  13. No. 9, Bed-time
  14. No. 10, The Forest
  15. No. 11, Sweets
  16. No. 12, The Khan
  17. No. 13, Tzarina
  18. No. 14, Stuffed Bear
  19. The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish, Op. 41 (c. 1914)

  20. I. Andantino commodo
  21. II. Moderato assai
  22. III. Moderato assai molto risoluto
  23. IV. Andantino mosso
  24. V. Marziale maestoso
  25. VI. Molto sostenuto

9 reviews for Nikolai Tcherepnin: Piano Music

  1. :

    ‘Nikolai Tcherepnin (1873-1945), patriach of a still-thriving musical dynasty, student of Rimsky-Korsakov and teacher of Prokofiev, is revealed in all his pianistic glory in these fascinating first recordings…’

    —Stephen Pritchard, The Observer

  2. :

    ‘it is all colorful and evocative and well worth a listen, so I recommend this release to anyone interested in Russian music of this period.’

    —Daniel Morrison, Fanfare Magazine

  3. :

    ‘The sound is bright, forward, and lifelike. With excellent notes by the pianist, this is a disc that will hopefully generate not merely sales of itself, but interest in its seldom-heard composer.’

    —Barry Brenesal, Fanfare Magazine

  4. :

    ‘…this is finely crafted music that is always interesting. I cannot imagine a better, more complete introduction to a relatively unknown composer.’

    —James Harrington, American Record Guide

  5. :

    ‘All hail Toccata Classics for its promotion of underrepresented composers and unknown works.
    Everything here is a première recording. These works date from Tcherepnin’s Russian years. His output for solo piano was not large, consisting solely of sets of smaller works. I suspect a second CD would cover it entirely. If the rest is as engaging as what is presented here, that CD would be most welcome!’

    —Raymond S. Tuttle, International Record Review

  6. :

    ‘Leave it to Toccata Classics to come up with a program of interesting music you probably haven’t heard before. …’

    —Steve Schwartz, Classical Cd Review

  7. :

    ‘David Witten is to be commended for bringing these works to our attention through effective interpretations and informative liner notes. The recording represents an enlightening and very enjoyable intersection of Russian music, art, and literature. Highly recommended.’

    —Denise Parr–Scanlin, Clavier Companion

  8. :

    ‘Les Quatorze esquisses imaginées d’après le livre d’alphabet pour enfants d’Alexandre Benois (de magnifiques illustrations en couleurs sont reproduites dans la notice) offrent le meilleur moment de ce disque. Elles font alterner des pages d’une nostalgie on ne peut plus russe, des marches teintées d’ironie, des rythmes d’inspiration espagnole, des moments plus mystérieux, voire lugubres. Autant de vignettes musicales au charme certain, marquées par un goût pour les contes de fées et le fantastique.’

    —Bertrand Boissard, Diapson

  9. :

    ‘On the evidence at least of this release, Tcherepnin’s piano music – evocative, melodic, harmonically imaginative and immensely varied – merits a place in every pianist’s repertoire and on every music-lover’s shelf. […]

    All three of Tcherepnin’s works are sensitively played, with technical expertise’

    —Byzantion, MusicWeb International

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