Moritz Moszkowski: Orchestral Music, Volume Three

The Polish composer Moritz Moszkowski (1854–1925) is best remembered for a handful of virtuoso piano pieces, but he also produced a substantial body of orchestral music, most of it unperformed for a century or more. This third volume presents his very first orchestral work, a strikingly assured Overture in D major, written when he was seventeen, and his last, a sombre, dignified and deeply felt Prelude and Fugue for strings, composed on the death of his mother in 1910. Between them comes Moszkowski’s First Orchestral Suite, from 1885, a joy from start to finish, with one delightful inspiration following another in a daisy-chain of dance-rhythms, memorable tunes and instrumental colour.

Sinfonia Varsovia
Ian Hobson, conductor
Andrzej Krzyżanowski, flute (Track 8)

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Overture in D major (1871–72)
  2. Première Suite d’Orchestre, Op. 39, in F major (1885)

  3. I Allegro molto e brioso
  4. II Allegro giojoso
  5. III Tema con variazioni: Andante
  6. III Tema con variazioni: Var. 1: Un poco più mosso
  7. III Tema con variazioni: Var. 2: Un poco meno mosso
  8. III Tema con variazioni: Var. 3: Allegro con spirito
  9. III Tema con variazioni: Var. 4: Allegretto con moto
  10. III Tema con variazioni: Var. 5: Lento maestoso. All’ongarese – Allegro fuocoso, poco a poco ancora più animato – Tempo primo
  11. III Tema con variazioni: Var. 6: Andante tranquillo
  12. III Tema con variazioni: Var. 7: Allegro scherzando
  13. III Tema con variazioni: Var. 8: Un pochino più lento del tema
  14. IV Intermezzo: Allegro con moto
  15. V Perpetuum mobile: Vivace *
  16. Prélude et Fugue pour Orchestre à Cordes, Op. 85 (1910)*

  17. Prélude
  18. Fugue



Catalogue No: TOCC0598
EAN/UPC: 5060113445988
Release Date: 03.12.2021
Composer: Moritz Moszkowski
Artists: Ian Hobson, Sinfonia Varsovia


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