Mischa Spoliansky: Orchestral Music

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Catalogue No: TOCC0626
EAN/UPC: 5060113446268
Release Date: 2022-04-01
Composer: Mischa Spoliansky
Artists: Liepaja Symphony Orchestra, Paul Mann

The Russian-born Mischa Spoliansky (1898—1985) became one of the major names in cabaret in 1920s Berlin and then, as a refugee from Nazi Germany, in London, he became one of the best-known composers of film scores. He also wrote a handful of orchestral works, which have remained unknown until now. His Boogie is a witty, tongue-in-cheek piece of orchestral jazz, and the Overture to My Husband and I, one of his stage shows, has a Mozartian sparkle and wit. But it is his only Symphony, an epic statement composed over a period of nearly three decades, that constitutes his real achievement as an orchestral composer – the fourth of its five movements apparently offering Spoliansky’s own musical commentary on the Holocaust.

Liepāja Symphony Orchestra
Paul Mann, conductor

Listen To This Recording:

    My Husband and I: Overture (1967)

  1. Overture: Allegro furioso
  2. Boogie (1958)

  3. Maestoso – Allegro con brio (Quasi boogie-woogie)
  4. Symphony in Five Movements (c. 1941–69)

  5. I And thus was man created: Monumentale
  6. II Ode to Love: Animato
  7. III Humoresque: Of Laughter: Rubato
  8. IV Of Weeping (Lament): Pesante
  9. V And new life blooms from the ruins (Epilogue): Andante con passione


1 review for Mischa Spoliansky: Orchestral Music

  1. :

    ‘Toccata Classics have turned to the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra from Latvia, [They are} technically adept, musically sensitive and responsive. They are fully up to the actual – considerable – playing demands of these scores.[…] This is in no doubt due to the insights and understanding of conductor Paul Mann. Even with no comparisons available, it is clear that Mann has immersed himself in these works and all three pieces sound ‘right’. […]

    Toccata Classics has a proud history of bringing impressive and worthwhile music to the attention of the listening public. Hard not to consider this release one of their greatest triumphs to date.’

    —Nick Barnard, MusicWeb International

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