Mischa Spoliansky: Orchestral Music


Catalogue No: TOCC0626
EAN/UPC: 5060113446268
Release Date: 01.04.2022
Composer: Mischa Spoliansky
Artists: Liepaja Symphony Orchestra, Paul Mann

The Russian-born Mischa Spoliansky (1898—1985) became one of the major names in cabaret in 1920s Berlin and then, as a refugee from Nazi Germany, in London, he became one of the best-known composers of film scores. He also wrote a handful of orchestral works, which have remained unknown until now. His Boogie is a witty, tongue-in-cheek piece of orchestral jazz, and the Overture to My Husband and I, one of his stage shows, has a Mozartian sparkle and wit. But it is his only Symphony, an epic statement composed over a period of nearly three decades, that constitutes his real achievement as an orchestral composer – the fourth of its five movements apparently offering Spoliansky’s own musical commentary on the Holocaust.

Liepāja Symphony Orchestra
Paul Mann, conductor

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    My Husband and I: Overture (1967)

  1. Overture: Allegro furioso
  2. Boogie (1958)

  3. Maestoso – Allegro con brio (Quasi boogie-woogie)
  4. Symphony in Five Movements (c. 1941–69)

  5. I And thus was man created: Monumentale
  6. II Ode to Love: Animato
  7. III Humoresque: Of Laughter: Rubato
  8. IV Of Weeping (Lament): Pesante
  9. V And new life blooms from the ruins (Epilogue): Andante con passione



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