Mischa Levitzki: Complete Works for Solo Piano

Mischa Levitzki: Complete Works for Solo Piano


What was called ‘the Golden Age of Pianism’ – the last decades of the nineteenth century and the first of the twentieth – also saw the final flourish of the composer-pianist, a tradition that had begun with Mozart and Beethoven. This recording presents music by three of these last lions. The handful of works left by Mischa Levitzki (1898–1941) are charming miniatures; those by Ossip Gabrilowitsch (1878–1936) are slightly more ambitious; and the compositions of Ignaz Friedman (1882–1948) – both original pieces and transcriptions – point to a substantial body of music that has yet to be fully explored.

Margarita Glebov, pianist

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Catalogue No: TOCC0334
EAN/UPC: 5060113443342
Release Date: 01.05.2016
Composer: Ignaz Friedman, Mischa Levitzki, Ossip Gabrilowitsch
Artists: Margarita Glebov

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    Mischa Levitzki

  1. Valse de Concert, Op. 1
  2. Valse, Op. 2
  3. Gavotte, Op. 3
  4. Arabesque valsante, Op. 6
  5. The Enchanted Nymph
  6. Valse Tzigane, Op. 7
  7. Dance of the Doll, Op. 8
  8. Ossip Gabrilowitsch

  9. Romance, Op. 1 No. 4
  10. Three Piano Pieces, Op. 2:

  11. No. 1 Fantaisie-Nocturne
  12. No. 2 Gavotte
  13. No. 3 Feuillet d’Album
  14. Ignaz Friedman (transcriptions)

  15. Franck: Prelude, Fugue and Variation
  16. Grazioli: Adagio
  17. Stamitz: Symphony in G major: Prestissimo
  18. Couperin: La Tendre Fanchon
  19. Ignaz Friedman (original works)
    Four Preludes, Op. 61:

  20. No. 1 Pensieroso
  21. No. 2 Vivo e molto leggiero
  22. No. 3 Con abandono
  23. No. 4 Molto appassionato ed animato
  24. Etudes, Op. 63:

  25. No. 1 Allegro, molto leggiero
  26. No. 2 Vivo e con delicatezza
  27. No. 4 Andante molto cantabile
  28. No. 9 Allegro, con abandono
  29. No. 10 Allegretto, sempre leggiero
  30. No. 11 Allegro patetico
  31. No. 16 Allegro appassionato


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