Mieczysław Weinberg: Orchestral Music, Volume Two

Mieczysław Weinberg: Orchestral Music, Volume Two

In the twenty years since his death the star of the Polish-born Moscow-based Mieczysław Weinberg (1919–96) has risen rapidly: his music – a highly individual amalgam of the Jewish idioms of his youth and the style of his mentor and friend Dmitry Shostakovich – is now seen as one of the most distinctive contributions to twentieth-century music. This further instalment in the Toccata Classics examination of his output couples a mature dance-based score – not performed before this recording – with his last symphony, orchestrated after his death by the composer Kirill Umansky.

Siberian Symphony Orchestra
Dmitry Vasiliev

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Catalogue No: TOCC0313
EAN/UPC: 5060113443137
Release Date: 04.12.2015
Composer: Mieczysław Weinberg
Artists: Dmitry Vasilyev, Siberian Symphony Orchestra

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    Six Ballet Scenes: Choreographic Symphony, Op. 113

  1. Six Ballet Scenes, Op. 113: I Allegro molto
  2. Six Ballet Scenes, Op. 113: II Adagio
  3. Six Ballet Scenes, Op. 113: III Allegretto
  4. Six Ballet Scenes, Op. 113: IV Adagio – Moderato
  5. Six Ballet Scenes, Op. 113: V Adagio
  6. Six Ballet Scenes, Op. 113: VI Presto
  7. Symphony No. 22, Op. 154

  8. I Fantasia: Lento – poco più mosso – moderato – Adagio – Largo – Adagietto –
  9. II Intermezzo: Con moto –
  10. III Reminiscences: Adagio – Moderato

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    “Today, he is one of the most exceptional geniuses of the second generation of Soviet composers, equal to greats like Shostakovitch, Prokofiev and Khachaturian in terms of quality and originality. … The Siberian Symphony Orchestra under Dmitry Vasilyev provides an idiomatic performance for both world first recordings, drawing on their extensive and unmistakable experience with “Soviet music”. They rise admirably to the challenge of the particularly heterogeneous “Choreographic Symphony” with its partially quirky sequences, demonstrating an admirable capacity for change and adaptation. The Siberian Orchestra under Vasilyev shows itself to be a good representative for Weinberg’s consistently gripping (and intense) music… and we look forward to future releases for the series.” –Artistxite, January 2016

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