Heinrich von Herzogenberg: Piano Music

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Catalogue No: TOCC0010
EAN/UPC: 5060113440105
Release Date: 2005-03-02
Composer: Heinrich von Herzogenberg
Artists: Anthony Goldstone, Caroline Clemmow

Heinrich von Herzogenberg (1843–1900), though a highly respected figure in his own time, has only recently begun to be rediscovered as a gifted and immediately communicative composer. His music, like that of his hero, Brahms, offers an effortless flow of beautiful melody – and, as also with Brahms, behind the apparently serious demeanour there lurks plenty of rhythmic pep and an easy-going sense of fun.

Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow, piano duet
Anthony Goldstone, piano

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    Theme and Variations for two pianos, Op. 13

  1. Theme, Langsam, innig
  2. Variation 1, Bewegter
  3. Variation 2, In gleichem Tempo
  4. Variation 3, Ziemlich langsam
  5. Variation 4, Rasch
  6. Variation 5, Sehr langsam
  7. Variation 6, Etwas bewegt
  8. Variation 7, Langsam
  9. Variation 8, Sehr rasch
  10. Variation 9, Majestätisch
  11. Allortia for piano duet, Op. 33, Book 1

  12. No. 1, Allegro
  13. No. 2, Allegretto
  14. No. 3, Allegro agitato
  15. Variations on a Theme of Brahms for piano duet, Op. 23

  16. Andante – Adagio – Con moto – Allegro – L’istesso tempo – Poco meno mosso, ma agitato
  17. Allegretto – Lento appassionato
  18. Allegretto – Meno mosso
  19. Waltzes for piano duet, Op. 53

  20. No. 1, Allegro commodo
  21. No. 2, L’istesso tempo
  22. No. 3, Agitato e grazioso
  23. No. 4, Tempo I
  24. No. 5, Poco maestoso
  25. No. 6, L’istesso tempo
  26. Variations on the Minuet from ‘Don Juan’ for piano solo, Op. 58

  27. Thema, Moderato
  28. Variation 1, Allegro
  29. Variation 2, Poco meno mosso
  30. Variation 3, Allegretto
  31. Variation 4, Allegro energico
  32. Variation 5, Andantino
  33. Variation 6, Allegro
  34. Variation 7, Scherzando
  35. Variation 8, Larghetto
  36. Variation 9, Vivace
  37. Variation 10, Largo
  38. Variation 11, Poco Adagio
  39. Capriccio for piano solo, Op. 107

  40. No. 1, Grazioso
  41. No. 2, Allegretto
  42. No. 3, Andante
  43. No. 4, Vivace
  44. No. 5, Agitato
  45. No. 6, Moderato

8 reviews for Heinrich von Herzogenberg: Piano Music

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    ‘This is one of the first releases on the new Toccata Classics label, and if the exemplary standards of this collection are anything to go by collectors are in for a treat.…The recording, made in a Lincolnshire church last year, combines warmth and detail to perfection, with an impressive weight and depth to the sound.’

    —Julian Haylock, BBC Music Magazine

  2. :

    ‘The playing throughout shows much more than dedication to an obscure cause. Goldstone and Clemmov are a formidable team, unanimous both in attack and in interpretative ideals. Their conviction that this is far from second-rate music is infectious, and they make a warm, resonant, beautifully coloured sound that serves Herzogenberg’s art admirably.’

    —Stephen Pettitt, International Record Review

  3. :

    ‘…everything on the CD is recorded for the first time, in ideally eloquent performances that bring out the excellence of Herzogenberg’s keyboard writing and in beautifully natural sound. Warmly recommended for intrinsic interest, not just as an act of restitution.’

    —Calum MacDonald, Piano Magazine

  4. :

  5. :

    ‘This is a beautifully constructed disc, powered by the immense and justified enthusiasm for Herzogenberg which the Goldstone Clemmow duo (Mr and Mrs Goldstone) have had for many years and which communicates to the listener in powerful interpretations of a well-chosen selection of the composer’s music. […]

    Recorded in the Goldstones’ local church and producing an excellent, sumptuous sound, this is a marvellous disc. The music is a revelation, the playing of the highest class, the enjoyment unbounded.’

    —Christopher Fifield, MusicWeb International

  6. :

    ‘This is an important addition to the catalog, and a most rewarding listen as well. Add to that excellent playing and recording for a strong recommendation.’

    —Jerry Dubins, Fanfare magazine

  7. :

    ‘Goldstone and Clemmow deliver entertaining performances that are also heartfelt, and Toccata has served up a fine production with pleasantly resonant sound, [a] fine recording that does [Herzogenberg] justice.’

    —Blair Sanderson, AllMusic

  8. :

    ‘Herzogenberg’s music […] is filled with melody and has plenty of vitality in the Romantic tradition. […]

    The performances are masterly, just what we have come to expect from Goldstone & Clemmow, together or separately, the piano is well recorded and spacious[…]
    Piano lovers will enjoy the disc very much.

    —Lance G. Hill E,The Classical Music Guide

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