Alexander Grechaninov: Complete Music for Viola and Piano

Catalogue No: TOCC0234
EAN/UPC: 5060113442345
Release Date: 2014-04-07
Composer: Alexander Grechaninov
Artists: Elena Artamonova, Nicholas Walker

Alexander Grechaninov saw much change in the course of his long life (1864-1956), fleeing Revolutionary Russia into exile, first in Paris and then the United States. A member of the second generation of nationalist composers — he was a student of Rimsky-Korsakov and Taneyev — he never abandoned an essentially Russian lyricism, as these attractive but largely unknown viola works make clear.

Elena Artamonova, viola
Nicholas Walker, piano

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    Viola Sonata No. 1 in B flat major, Op. 161 (1940)

  1. I. Allegro
  2. II. Canzona – Andante
  3. III. Finale – Vivace
  4. Viola Sonata No. 2 in F major, Op. 172 (1943)

  5. I. Moderato
  6. II. Variations: Theme – Andantino
  7. Variation I – Tempo I
  8. Variation II – Allegro
  9. Variation III – Andante
  10. Variation IV – Molto vivace
  11. Variation V – Andante
  12. Variation VI – Allegro grazioso
  13. Coda: Largo – Vivace
  14. Transcriptions of Claude Debussy (pub. 1946)

  15. Romance
  16. Beau Soir
  17. Early Morning, Op. 126b (1930)

  18. I. Morning Stroll – Moderato
  19. II. Homesickness – Andantino
  20. III. The Joker – Allegretto grazioso
  21. IV. In the Twilight – Andante
  22. V. Little Horseman – Allegro
  23. VI. On Winter’s Eve – Andante
  24. VII. Burlesque – Moderato – Allegro non troppo
  25. VIII. In a Fortress – Moderato
  26. IX. Thieves and Policemen – Sempre ben marcato
  27. X. Waltz – Moderato, molto grazioso
  28. In modo antico: Suite, Op. 81 (1918)

  29. I. Prelude – Con libertà – Andante
  30. II. Sarabande – Allegro moderato
  31. III. Gavotte- Allegro, sempre marcato
  32. IV. Aria – Lento, ma non troppo
  33. V. Jig – Vivace

2 reviews for Alexander Grechaninov: Complete Music for Viola and Piano

  1. :

    ‘…There is a high quotient of charm in Grechaninov’s chamber music, and that is an element that figures prominently here [Sonata Op. 161]. His penchant for vocal composition ensures that the melodies are at all times winningly warm, not least in the lyric effusions of the central Canzona movement. I hear hints of Spanish music in the finale though there is certainly a strain of Russian folklore buzzing merrily throughout, and some passages sound almost like Dvořák. …[Sonata Op. 172:] Here Slavic folk affiliations are to the fore, and a vigorous and engaging variation for solo piano too. I was most taken by the third variation where the piano’s gruff enquiries are met by a pliant viola response. There’s a viola cadenza before the spirited and exciting toccata-like coda. …These richly lyrical works, all pretty much unknown, receive highly persuasive and stylistically apt performances from Artamonova – who writes the excellent booklet notes – and Nicholas Walker. Well worth getting to know, in fact.’

    —Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International

  2. :

    ‘Artamonova plays accurately and with a firm rhythmic pulse […] Walker is a sensitive musician, and he and Artamonova clearly listen well to each other […] Artamonova’s notes are detailed and very informative’

    —Henry Fogel, Fanfare Magazine, September/October 2014

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