Fridrich Bruk: Orchestral Music, Volume Three

Catalogue No: TOCC0645
EAN/UPC: 5060113446459
Release Date: 2022-08-05
Composer: Fridrich Bruk
Artists: Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Māris Kupčs

This third instalment of the recent symphonic output of Fridrich Bruk (born in Ukraine in 1937 but a Finnish resident since 1974) brings two works of astonishing vitality for a composer in his eighties. Both of them have social undercurrents: Symphony No. 22 is driven by ecological concerns about the pollution of the world’s oceans, and No. 23 takes its material from folk-melodies of the Ingrians, a vanishing ethnic group on the Finnish- Russian border. The orchestral writing in both pieces is passionate and wildly inventive, a kaleidoscope of colour and counterpoint, sitting somewhere between Villa-Lobos and Pettersson in its profligate abundance.

Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra
Māris Kupčs, conductor

Listen To This Recording:

    Symphony No. 22, In the Ocean (2019)

  1. I Death of the Dolphins: Severo
  2. II Sounds of Hope: Pensieroso
  3. Symphony No. 23, In the Ingrian Mode (2021)

  4. I Soikkola: Sforzo
  5. II Hevaa: Sostenuto
  6. III Serepetta: Risoluto



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