Estonian Incantations 1

This remarkable recording explores an unsuspected soundworld – that of guitars, electric and acoustic, and chorus – in new works by four contemporary Estonian composers, whose styles range from the primitivism of ancient Estonian magical incantations via plainsong-like meditation to electronic sampling.

Marzi Nyman, guitar (Tracks 1 – 2, 6)
Andre Maaker, seven-string acoustic guitar (Tracks 3, 6)
Weekend Guitar Trio (Tracks 4, 6)
Ain Agan, fretless guitar (Tracks 5, 6)
Paul Daniel, electric guitar (Tracks 5, 6)
Annika Lõhmus, vocal (Track 5)
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Kaspars Putniņš, conductor
Robert Jürjendal, electric guitar, electronics
Tõnis Leemets, electric guitar, electronics
Mart Soo, electric guitar, electronics

    Vitsa (’Flogging’), concerto for electric guitar and mixed choir (2013)

  1. Part I A Charm against Flogging
  2. Part II A Charm against Pain

  4. Kas ma Sind leian? (Will I Find You?) for chamber choir and seven-string acoustic guitar (2016)

  6. See öö oli pikk (The Night was Long) for chamber choir and three electric guitars (2013)

  8. Vaikusestki vaiksem (Quieter than Silence) for chamber choir and two guitars (2013)

  10. teid täname (…we thank you) for mixed choir and improvisers (2013)


2 reviews for Estonian Incantations 1

  1. :

    ‘ With this disc, at least, Anderson has comprehensively delivered on this promise [for Toccata Next] […]

    These pieces are indeed often beautiful and sometimes challenging to the listener, but each is strikingly original in its own right and all seem to grow in impact on subsequent listens. […]

    The variety and directness of Grünberg’s accomplished vocal writing is superbly conveyed by the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir whose sound here at times approaches sonic velvet. […]

    Like all the items on this issue here too, Toccata’s engineers somehow succeed in finding a convincing balance between voices, instruments and amplification. […]

    One of the best things I haven’t mentioned about this disc is its title. Estonian Incantations I invokes the hope, perhaps even the expectation that Estonian Incantations II will follow in due course. I for one cannot wait.’

    —Richard Hanlon, MusicWeb International

  2. :

    ‘This other-worldliness pervades every piece as each involves a deeply felt spirituality on the part of the composers, not so much as a result of any personally held beliefs I feel, but as a genuine attempt to understand and communicate through music the very essence of music itself which goes beyond the aim of pure entertainment.[…]

    I conclude as I began that this disc really is something completely different and is one of those that grows on you the more often you listen leaving the listener feeling that they have experienced something quite uniquely magical.’

    —Steve Arloff, MusicWeb International

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