Charles O’Brien: Complete Piano Music, Volume Two


Charles O’Brien (1882–1968) was a mainstay of musical life in Edinburgh, but his attractive, lyrical muse has long been forgotten even there, let alone anywhere else. This third recording in a series devoted to his music reveals a composer whose lively music reflects his Scottish heritage, mixing Brahmsian grand gestures with Schumannesque intimacy.

Warren Mailley-Smith, piano

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Catalogue No: TOCC0257
EAN/UPC: 5060113442574
Release Date: 06.11.2015
Composer: Charles O'Brien
Artists: Warren Mailley-Smith

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    “O’Brien’s music is extremely attractive. … These pieces are wonderful genre pieces, with real melodic inspiration and enough harmonic variety to retain the listener’s interest throughout. … These are attractive pieces that do reward second and third hearings, and give us an opportunity to discover a talented composer. As in the first volume, Mailley-Smith is clearly devoted to the music and plays it with warmth and conviction.” —Fanfare Magazine, March/April 2016

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