Catalan Concertinos and Fantasias

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Catalogue No: TOCN0010
EAN/UPC: 5060640070103
Release Date: 2021-10-15
Composer: Joan Manén, Marc Migó
Artists: Daniel Blanch, Kalina Macuta, National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, Sergi Pacheco, Volodymyr Sirenko

Most of the works by the two Catalan composers heard here – Joan Manén (1883–1971) and Marc Migó (b. 1993) – use material from their folk tradition, making the music fresh, immediate and direct, rather in the manner of Manuel de Falla. But there is also a loose connection with Vienna: Manén’s Violin ‘Concertino’ – an unusually modest label for a full-scale concerto – is something of a cousin to the Korngold Concerto; and Migó’s poignant Epitafi a Hans Rott was written in memory of a short-lived Austrian composer who was a close friend of Gustav Mahler.

Kalina Macuta, violin (Tracks 6 – 8)
Sergi Pacheco, piano (Tracks 9, 10)
Daniel Blanch, piano (Track 12)
National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
Volodymyr Sirenko, conductor

    Marc Migó (b. 1993)
    Fantasia popular (2016, rev. 2017)

  1. Overture –
  2. Pastoral (El rossinyol) –
  3. Processó (La dama d’Aragó) –
  4. Scherzo (En Pere Gallerí) –
  5. Coda
  6. Joan Manén (1883–1971)
    Violin Concertino, Op. A-49 (date unknown)

  7. Moderato energico – Un poco più mosso e deciso – Animato
  8. Andante espressivo – Moderato (come prima)
  9. Allegro – a tempo – Cadenza – Allegro
  10. Marc Migó
    Piano Concertino (2016)

  11. Moderato –
  12. Perpetuum Mobile. Allegro
  13. Epitafi a Hans Rott for strings (2015)

  14. Epitafi a Hans Rott for strings
  15. Joan Manén
    Rapsòdia catalana, Op. A-50 (1954)

  16. Moderato cantabile – Allegretto mosso – Moderato – Allegro – Doppio più lento – Allegro vivace


1 review for Catalan Concertinos and Fantasias

  1. :

    ‘Volodymyr Sirenko gets the very best out of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine who play with real attention to detail, as well as an evident empathy for the far-warmer Mediterranean climes, fragrances, and sonorities. Each soloist – Kalina Macuta (violin), and pianists Sergi Pacheco (Piano Concertino), and Daniel Blanch (Rapsòdia catalana) – was on top form, and did their utmost to present the music in its very best light.’

    —Philip R Buttall, MusiscWeb International

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