Alexandre Tansman: Piano Music, Vol. 2

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Catalogue No: TOCC0265
EAN/UPC: 5060113442659
Release Date: 2017-06-01
Composer: Alexandre Tansman
Artists: Danny Zelibor

Alexandre Tansman (1897–1986) was one of the most prolific composers of the twentieth century. His fundamental style is a Stravinskyan Neo-Classicism, animated by the dance-rhythms of his native Poland and energised by a masterly command of counterpoint. This second instalment in the first-ever survey of his piano music demonstrates its stylistic range, from Neo-Baroque via Polish folk-music and the orient to the blues.

Danny Zelibor, piano

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    Huit novelettes:

  1. No. 1 Caprice: Lent
  2. No. 2 Etude: Prestissimo
  3. No. 3 Exotique (Danse javanaise): Largo
  4. No. 4 Danse tzigane: Allegro giocoso
  5. No. 5 Obertas (danse polonaise): Allegro giocoso
  6. No. 6 Blues: Andante cantabile
  7. No. 7 Prelude et fugue: Lento cantabile
  8. No. 8 Improvisation: Andante comodo
  9. Trois preludes en forme de blues:

  10. No. 1 Lento cantabile
  11. No. 2 Moderato
  12. No. 3 Moderato
  13. Vingt pieces faciles sur des melodies populaires polonaises:

  14. No. 1 Moderato
  15. No. 2 Allegro marziale
  16. No. 3 Andantino espressivo
  17. No. 4 Allegro giusto
  18. No. 5 Allegretto
  19. No. 6 Moderato
  20. No. 7 Allegro giusto
  21. No. 8 Allegro ma non troppo
  22. No. 9 Andantino grazioso
  23. No. 10 Mazurka lento
  24. No. 11 Allegretto
  25. No. 12 Moderato
  26. No. 13 Allegro (polka)
  27. No. 14 Allegro ma non troppo (mazurka)
  28. No. 15 Allegro (polka)
  29. No. 16 Moderato
  30. No. 17 Vivace (oberek)
  31. No. 18 Allegro grazioso
  32. No. 19 Lento
  33. No. 20 Largo
  34. Suite dans le style ancien:

  35. I Entree: Allegro deciso, ben ritmato
  36. II Sarabande: Lento
  37. III Gavotte: Allegro grazioso
  38. IV Choral fugue: Moderato
  39. V Aria: Largo cantabile
  40. VI Toccata: Molto vivace

6 reviews for Alexandre Tansman: Piano Music, Vol. 2

  1. :

    As one who simply enjoys music, I found the music simply delightful to listen to. You have such a soft touch.
    Wishing you much continued success.

  2. :

    Danny Zelibor has a way of connecting with a piece of music most artists only dream of. This is an absolute joy to listen to. Bravo!

  3. :

    ‘The music requires the performer to “pull back” on the beat in order to produce the slightly out-of-synch style required to simulate the blues. I’m happy to say that Zelibor does this, but more interestingly, so did Gieseking! … All in all, then, a fascinating album, and one sure to make all of you Gershwin-lovers out there scratch your heads a little!’

    —Lynn René Bayley, Art Music Lounge

  4. :

    ‘I love the idea of a piece that can show up and leave in less time than it takes to talk about it and still leave you with the impression of having heard something complete. … Danny Zelibor clearly has a deep connection to this composer’s technical and structural language, and the result is inspiring. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of that Toccata and start taking it apart to see how it works. And I can’t wait for the next volume in this set. It’s music I wouldn’t have bothered with a year ago. Now I can’t get enough of it.’

    —Andrew Anderson, –Theater Jones, July 2017

  5. :

    ‘For the Tansman collector this first-ever survey of the complete piano music offers much rewarding listening. The level of invention is variable, but the generous affability and rhythmic vivacity of the music is never in doubt. Nor are the excellent performances.’

    —Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International

  6. :

    ‘Alexandre Tansman is one of several discoveries I have made over the last two years and one I am really pleased about. […]

    I’ve always been impressed by Tansman’s works and this disc proves no exception. Danny Zelibor is obviously an enthusiast and can write authoritatively about the music he plays. He gives us compelling performances that will surely win over new fans for this thoroughly decent and principled human being and superlative composer. Toccata continues to shed new light on undeservedly obscure composers and deserve support and thanks from all music-lovers.’

    —Steve Arloff, MusicWeb International

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