Alexander TCHEREPNIN: My Flowering Staff

Catalogue No: TOCC0537
EAN/UPC: 5060113445377
Release Date: 2020-05-01
Composer: Alexander Tcherepnin
Artists: Inna Dukach, Tatyana Kebuladze

In 1925–26 the French publisher Heugel brought out three volumes of 24 songs by the young Russian composer Alexander Tcherepnin (1899–1977), all setting poems by the ‘Acmeist’ Russian poet, Sergei Gorodetsky (1884–1967) – Tcherepnin’s Opp. 15, 16 and 17. Not until 2014, when Tatyana Kebuladze, the pianist on this recording, examined the composer’s manuscript in the archives of the Sacher Foundation in Basel was it realised that those three recueils were the tips of a much larger iceberg: a cycle of 35 settings of the 37 poems in Gorodetsky’s collection My Flowering Staff, plus an anonymous epilogue – one of the most extensive song-cycles in musical history. The songs themselves are audibly in the tradition of Tchaikovsky and other such Romantic Russian composers, but with a degree of psychological insight conveyed through the harmonic piquancy typical of the new century.

Inna Dukach, soprano (Tracks 1–16, 18-22, 24-37)
Tatyana Kebuladze, piano
Paul Whelan, bass (Track 17)
Acmeist Male Choir (Track 17)


*Due to an error in a track of this recording, a new edition of the CD of this recording will be pressed as soon as possible. The downloads do not have the error.

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Epigraph (Op. 17, No. 1)
  2. I O God of days, do not release your violins (Op. 15, No. 3)
  3. II If only I could hear (Op. 15, No. 4)
  4. III I contemplated you, O Andromeda
  5. IV How damned is my beloved life (Op. 15, No. 2)
  6. V The millstones have cooled (Op. 15, No. 5)
  7. VI I love the feminine water
  8. VII Forgive me the enticing mist
  9. VIII Farewell, night! (Op. 15, No. 6)
  10. IX The struggle to voice words (Op. 15, No. 1)
  11. X In agitation, as I touch the morning lyre (Op. 16, No. 2)
  12. XI I am dreaming of the country (Op. 16, No. 5)
  13. XII In the wild forest (Op. 17, No. 2)
  14. XIII My soul is happy to hear
  15. XIV Some of the songs in my soul
  16. XV Perhaps life is broken in half (Op. 17, No. 3)
  17. XVI In the evening quiet hour
  18. XVII I know only one thing about God (Op. 17, No. 5)
  19. XVIII Lost souls! (Op. 17, No. 9)
  20. XIX My endless grief (Op. 16, No. 8)
  21. XX The happy laughter (Op. 17, No. 8)
  22. XXI With tormented spirit (Op. 16, No. 4)
  23. XXIIa (piano solo)
  24. XXIIb O angry idle voice
  25. XXIII Improbable sunsets
  26. XXIV I do not know how to be cruel
  27. XXV The arrogant silence of evening rivers (Op. 17, No. 7)
  28. XXVI If you want, take from the universe (Op. 16, No. 6)
  29. XXVII I beg, I sing, I adjure (Op. 17, No. 6)
  30. XXVIII For more than ten centuries
  31. XXIX The flags were waved (Op. 17, No. 4)
  32. XXX To sit endlessly and weave (Op. 16, No. 3)
  33. XXXII The solemn dance
  34. XXXIII Again, I have a desire (Op. 16, No. 7)
  35. XXXV Melancholia of the winter day
  36. XXXVI My covenant with the almighty (Op. 16, No. 1)
  37. Epilogue (Op. 17, No. 10)


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