Martin’s Final Sponsored Slim Check-In

Well, the end of the year also saw the end of my four-month sponsored slim, and I’m pleased to relate that when I got weighed out, so to speak, at the local medical centre (as in the pic), I had lost 40 lbs. The funds raised are going to help with Toccata Classics, and so if you didn’t sponsor me at the outset but would like to do so now, I’d be very grateful — and at least you’ll know what the damage will be! *we will end the sponsored slim on 6 January, 2017

Martin Anderson Sponsored Slim Final Weigh Out

Martin being ‘weighed out’ at the local health centre after his four months of sponsored slimming

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  1. Hi Martin,

    Can you tell me how much per lb. I pledged for your sponsored slim and how much I owe you,

    Many thanks,